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Toyota Sienna - class D minivan

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Officially not delivered to Russia. The model debuted on the North American market in 1997. The car replaced the Toyota Previa. At the heart of the first generation Sienna is the Camry sedan platform. The minivan was equipped with a three-liter V6 engine producing 197 hp. and a 4-speed automatic transmission. This comfortable and reliable car, which is perfect for traveling with a family, conquered many motorists. As a result of the 2001 restyling, the model received a slightly updated appearance. In general, the first generation held out on the conveyor from 1997 to 2003.

Toyota Sienna 1997 year

The premiere of the second generation Toyota Sienna was held in 2003 at the Detroit Auto Show. Minivan has become significantly larger. Available in four trim levels - CE, LE, XLE, XLE Limited. CE and LE salons are designed for seven or eight passengers. On LE, XLE and XLE Limited, all-wheel drive was offered as an option. CE grade was equipped with ABS, CD player and air conditioning in the rear. The package LE included more cruise control, heated mirrors and fully folding front seats. By the way, all these elements were listed in the options for completing the CE. The XLE version was complemented by light alloy wheels, automatic climate control, electrically adjustable front seats and a removable center console. The XLE Limited was supplied with larger wheels (17 radius), disc rear brakes, stability control, transparent roof, adaptive cruise control, electric drive for adjusting the front seats, parking sensors, CD changer and leather seats.

High seating provides excellent visibility. View through the rear window is limited, it is typical of minivans, but huge side mirrors compensate for poor visibility. In the seven-seater version, the second row of seats consists of two full-size comfortable seats with armrests. The right seat can move in the lateral plane, while giving the opportunity to install an additional seat. In the eight-seat configuration, the second row is one single chair. At the same time, the middle part of the chair can be moved close to the first row of seats, this is important if you use a child seat so that the child is closer. The third row of seats folds in a ratio of 6/4 into a flat platform without removing the head restraints, thus forming an additional cargo space. In addition, in some models, the front passenger seat is folded, forming a table. A large number of storage boxes and cup holders are a pleasant and convenient detail in the interior of the Toyota Sienna.

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All three rows of seats are equipped with airbags on the sides.

Toyota Sienna 2004 year
Sienna II is equipped with an electronic five-speed automatic transmission with a transversely mounted six-cylinder engine of 3.3 liters and a power of 233 hp. The four-wheel drive version consumes about 16 liters per 100 kilometers, outside the city of 12 liters per hundred kilometers. The model with front wheel drive consumes 15 liters per hundred kilometers in the city, and outside the city 11 liters per hundred kilometers. The car is designed for gasoline octane number 93.

The ground clearance is 175 mm. The all-wheel drive system works without driver intervention - the energy is automatically transferred to the necessary wheels. Some models are equipped with run-flat tires (run-flat), they can continue to ride after a puncture. Racks in front MacPherson, rear - torsion bar suspension. There are disc brakes in front, rear can be both drum and disc.

In 2005, the model was restyled. The volume of the gasoline engine increased to 3.5 liters, and the power increased to 266 hp By the way, this engine was equipped with a chain, and not a timing belt like previous versions.

In December 2009, in Los Angeles, Toyota introduced the third generation of the Sienna minivan. At the heart of the car is the platform of the previous generation, with the same wheelbase, but the minivan has become a little wider and shorter. The design and interior have undergone noticeable changes. Exterior has become more attractive. The design of the front part has acquired “aggressive” features, and the rear part now looks less “heavy”. Practical salon Toyota Sienna has a high level of comfort and allows you to increase the usable space with the help of a folding third row of seats. Like the previous generation, the Sienna III has versions with seven- and eight-seater saloon. Smart Lock allows you to open and close the door without a key, and the sliding side door is opened by pressing a button on the key fob. 

Toyota Sienna 2010 year

Instead of power steering now on all versions is electric power. All models are equipped with cruise control, three-zone climate control. Standard equipment also includes ABS, stability control and Traction Control.

Options include sunroofs, a JBL multimedia system with 10 speakers, sound for high-quality surround sound, an entertainment system with a 16.4-inch widescreen display, a navigation system, Bluetooth, and an engine start button.

In addition to the old engine (3.5 l / 266 hp), a more economical 4-cylinder 2.7 liter capacity of 187 hp appeared. With him, fuel consumption in the urban cycle is 12 l / 100 km and 9 l / 100 km in the country mode. Together with the engines, a new modern 6-speed gearbox works. Versions with a less powerful motor can only have driving front wheels, and the variants with the “six” can also be driven on both axles.

Separate attention deserves an updated security system. Six pillows are included in the basic package. The car received the highest safety score, including even rollover safety. The roof of the Sienna withstood a load equal to 4 masses of the car itself.

It was developed by the third generation in the Toyota Technical Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and is collected in the state of Indiana. For many years now, Sienna has been very popular in the North American market.

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