Toyota platz

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Toyota Platz 4-door sedan, designed on the basis of the model Toyota Vitz, introduced a new trend in the sector of compact cars of Toyota. Platz appeared on the market in August 1999, seven months later than Vitz. And in 2001, Platz was restyled, as a result of which the shape of the bonnet, grille and front optics changed somewhat.

With compact dimensions, the Platz, like the Vitz, is a rather spacious sedan with a 465-liter boot. Elements of the car, such as the front door panel, front seats, wheels are absolutely identical to those of the Vitz model. Similar components of the Vitz are such components as a 5-speed manual transmission, engine range in volumes of 1, 1.3 and 1.5 liters with the VVT-i system, front-wheel drive or four-wheel drive with the Super ECT system.

The front suspension is independent of McPherson type with anti-roll bar, the rear is semi-independent with anti-roll bar.

Hydraulic brakes with ABS. Front disc, rear drum.

With a 70-horsepower engine, the Toyota Platz accelerates to 100 km / h in 13.8 seconds, and the maximum speed of the car is 156 km / h. The most powerful one and a half liter engine with 110 hp Platz accelerates to 180 km / h.

Fuel consumption in the urban cycle is 7 liters per 100 km, on the highway 5 liters.

Standard Toyota Platz includes: ABS, full electric, power steering, CD player, two airbags, LCD dashboard and a navigation computer.

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