Toyota funcargo

2005 Toyota Funcargo Travelled 39,460 Km For Sale At Rod Milner Motors. Greenlane, Ak. Trade Me.avi

The Toyota Funcargo multi-purpose minivan, which appeared in 1997, was designed as a compact but comfortable car especially for the younger generation. The ad campaign of this model was accompanied by the slogan Fun Car Go, which explains its slightly unusual name.

Funcargo began to be sold on the European market in the same segment as Vitz. In this car, attention is drawn to the original design of the front bumper and slightly elongated rear. The wheelbase of the Funcargo is 130 mm longer than the base Vitz. The interior and design of the lower half of the dashboard is similar to the Vitz; At the same time, the style of performance of the devices themselves and other components of the interior is distinguished by some originality.

There are both front-wheel and all-wheel drive version of the car. Funcargo can be equipped with one of the two engines of the 88-horsepower 1.3-liter 2NZ-FE engine or the one-and-liter 105-hp 1NZ-FE. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle is on average 6 liters. on 100 km.

The rear suspension is in the all-wheel drive version of the Toyota Funcargo Rigid Axle, in the front-wheel-drive torsion model. The front suspension for both versions of the Funcargo is the same suspension strut. The front brakes of the car disc, rear-drum. All Toyota Funcargo equipped with a quad-automatic.

The standard equipment of the car usually includes ABS, CD player, two frontal airbags, remote control of mirrors, climate control.

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