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2019 Toyota Avalon Review: Affordable luxury, polarizing looks

Toyota Avalon prestigious E class sedan, built on an extended Toyota Camry platform, was born in 1995. To date, there are two generations of this car, differing mainly in appearance and increased internal space, which, however, was originally enough. Avalon was originally oriented North American market, hence the many features of this car.

Avalon differs from the Camry in its appearance and other interior, increased wheelbase and overall length (wheelbase 2677 mm, length 4797 mm, width 1792 mm, height 1442 mm). Chassis changed only in the settings. The engine is the same as that of the Toyota Camry, but forced to 20 hp. (210 hp).

The appearance of the car is peculiar. In the European’s view, the car doesn’t look expressive enough, while a resident of the United States, namely, the Toyota Avalon was created for this country, would say that the car is inconspicuous, no worse than the others. The installation of Toyota marketers is superbly implemented: the Avalon is an elegant car for those who look down on the cult of the car. Who appreciates primarily ease of operation and comfort in everyday use, reliability and safety. By the way, among the range of Toyota cars, Avalon is one of the best cars in terms of safety. As planned by Toyota engineers, the Avalon model is designed for those who usually prefer the Buick.

Salon Toyota Avalon spacious. Interior decoration, displays and control systems at a height. In particular, the car is equipped with an on-board computer, which gives the driver a wide variety of information about the state of the systems, engine performance, air temperature, etc. Outside review is beautiful.

Passenger seats are spacious and very comfortable. In the back row, significant space is reserved for the legs. There are also armrests with extendable cup holders in the back row. At the rear of the center console is a 100-watt plug, which allows rear passengers to use various electrical devices, such as, for example, a laptop computer without an adapter.

Toyota Avalon is equipped with a three-liter DOHC V6 petrol engine with a capacity of 210 horsepower with a maximum torque of 5800 rpm, which allows the car to accelerate to 210 km / h. A four-speed automatic gearbox with electronic control is installed on the car, which allows to increase the smoothness and speed of gear shifting and reduce fuel consumption (8.1 liters per hundred kilometers along the highway and 11.2 liters in city mode).

Toyota Avalon is not for enthusiastic drivers. It is a reliable and comfortable vehicle. Dynamics of acceleration at the level of most modern analogues. Only the BMW 530i is noticeably faster. The automatic transmission works smoothly, the switch delay in kickdown mode is minimal. Avalon - a vivid example of the implementation of American ideas about the comfort of the suspension (MacPherson). If the European counterparts are elastic-harsh on uneven roads, then Avalon is noticeably softer and more comfortable, especially on serious coating defects. The car, of course, is not sports, but, nevertheless, reliable in management. The buildup on irregularities does not cause yawing along the road and on high-speed straight lines. The Toyota Avalon is quite stable.

The second-generation Toyota Avalon is offered to customers in two versions: XL and XLS. XL includes two front airbags, side airbags built into the seats, four brake discs with electronic brake force control, daytime headlights, a spare wheel, and anti-lock automatic locks. An anti-theft system with an engine blocking device, fog lights, central locking and a universal garage key has been added to the XLS model. For an additional fee, the car can be equipped with additional safety equipment: a first-aid kit, a navigation system and an anti-skid protection system.

Toyota Avalon is a comfortable and reliable car with a richly decorated interior, a silent powertrain and a moderately soft suspension. The car is very dynamic during acceleration and reliably controlled even at high speeds.

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