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Toyota Auris - a modern representative of the C-class, has received the family traits of the latest Toyota lineup: Aigo, Yaris, Auris, Avensis. These cars have many common features - the shape of the hood and grille, linzirovannaya optics, strongly tilted windshields. Auris replaced the Corolla hatchback (the sedan retained the Corolla name).

Toyota Auris 2007 year

Hatchback for Europe will be released in two versions: with three and five doors. Toyota emphasizes that it is the highest car in its class (1,515 mm). A wide body (1 760 mm) is not only an indicator of good stability on the road, but also allows you to comfortably accommodate all passengers.

The name Auris conveys the character of the car itself. It comes from the Latin word "aurum" - "gold" and generates a sense of weighty and noble qualities that create high values. In addition, the first two letters of the name - Au - are a chemical symbol of gold.

Expressive design Auris, created in the European design center Toyota ED2, has found its display, both in the bright appearance of the car, and in the interior. The car has grown in comparison with its predecessor (the 9th generation Corolla hatchback) by 40 mm in length, 50 mm in width and added 100 kg of weight.

The interior of the Toyota Auris offers the maximum possible space for the driver and passengers, and ergonomically located controls make it much easier to control the car. The distance between the front and rear seats increased to 910 mm with a wheelbase of 2600 mm, which provides room for the legs of the passengers sitting in the back. The luggage compartment volume is 354 liters.

The driver's seat in the working position is shifted back - this creates a more balanced driving conditions. The height of the threshold is optimal and is at the level of 590 mm, which facilitates the landing in the salon. The position of the steering wheel is adjustable in all axes, so that the driver is always comfortable. The handbrake handle is mounted in the center console and, just like the gearshift knob, fits perfectly in your hand.

The center console lines naturally flow into the main dashboard. Its design is in tune with the elements of decoration and fittings. The silver-plated finish and soft fabric contribute to the feeling of the highest quality.

Toyota Auris 2007 year

On sale are models with two finishes: dark gray and gray beige. Soft fabric is used for decoration, and the relief of door decoration creates a sense of space. Door accessories, made in a light style, unite the door handle with the lock handle in a single block.

Suspension is impressively hard and makes an excellent mining of road irregularities. In front, these are MacPherson racks, while one of the two systems is installed at the back. Most models have a torsion beam, chosen mainly because of its compactness, but the higher characteristics of the Auris T180 prompted Toyota to install a multi-link suspension system that was better able to cope with heavy loads when cornering at higher speeds.

The car is available in several versions: with 1.4 liter / 97 hp or 1.6 liter / 124 hp petrol engine, or with one of the three modifications of the diesel engine (1.4 l; 2.0 l; 2.2 l). All power units comply with Euro-4 standards. Gasoline and diesel engines will receive a manual gearbox with five or six speeds. Larger petrol and smallest diesel engines are also available with Toyota's Multimode box, which can be used as a full automatic or in manual sequential gearshift mode.

Despite his sporting character, Auris perfectly protects its owner and its passengers on the road. So, having passed the crash test NCAP Euro for the protection of the passenger, the car received the maximum rating of five stars. The model is based on a solid body structure with excellent safety features. The kit includes nine airbags, including a driver’s knee airbag.

The release of Auris is established at Toyota’s factories in the UK and Turkey.

In 2010, the Toyota Auris survived the update. Traditionally, the changes affected the exterior of the car. The car got an updated front, which includes a new grille, enlarged headlights, a new bumper and a revised hood design. In the back of the changed lights and bumper. In short, the exterior turned out more aggressive. Build quality has been improved, and changes have been made to the suspension.

Toyota Auris 2011 year

Inside, the updated Auris received a modernized center console, with the addition of new dashboard trim materials. Expanded the colors of the interior trim, increased the list of basic options. All Auris are air-conditioned, while the top configurations have two zone climate control. Standard equipment includes anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic brake-force distribution (EBD), four airbags, heated front seats, an audio system with 4 speakers, heated mirrors and electric.

In addition to the design of the exterior and interior, the range of engines has also changed, which included more powerful, but economical engines. Gasoline engines models Toyota Auris 2010 equipped with a double VVT-i. The most "weak" and affordable - a 1.3-liter, with a capacity of 101 forces, equipped with a six-step "mechanics". The maximum speed of this version is 175 km / h, the acceleration time from zero to hundred is 13.1 seconds, the average fuel consumption is 6 liters per 100 km. Next come the 1.6-liter engines, 124 and 136 l.c. with different capacities. Auris Hybrid Drive (HSD) began to be released in May 2010, it has a 1.8-liter engine in combination with an electric motor, the result is low CO2 emissions and low fuel consumption. There are two transmissions: 6-speed mechanics and, instead of whimsical robotic mechanics, the car has received a 4-speed automatic that has been tested over the years.

The luggage compartment is large enough, but the opening is too high. The rear seats fold 60/40 in one motion into an almost flat floor; this, combined with the high ceiling, allows you to load very large items.

The second generation model debuted at the Paris Auto Show in the fall of 2012.

Auris 2013 model year embodied the new face of the brand Toyota. Narrow and long headlights turning into the grille are called Keen Look (sharp look), and the large trapezium of the air intake at the bottom of the bumper focuses on the lower part (this is how you can translate another component of the company’s ideology - Under Priority). The design of the car has become more dynamic and aggressive. At this step, the manufacturers did not go by chance: the creators conducted a similar facelift in order to attract a younger audience. New profile Toyota Auris has an unusually stylish look, thanks to the hood, which has acquired a sloping shape, the front pillars, which are slightly piled back and consisting of three corners of the rear rack.

Toyota Auris 2013 year

Markedly changed the overall dimensions of the car. The model has become 30 mm longer (4275 mm), the height of the Auris 2013 is 55 millimeters less (1460 mm), and the width remains the same (1760 mm). The wheelbase also has not changed and is 2600 mm. Clearance reduced from 150 to 140 mm.

Toyota claims that the Auris 2013 has become significantly lighter than its predecessor: depending on the modification, the curb weight (car plus driver) of the hatchback has decreased by 40-100 kg. The weight of the car has decreased as a result of the use of lighter and higher strength steel. The drag coefficient was reduced by approximately 0.01 Cx to 0.28 Cx, and this was another difference from the previous model. All this as a result has significantly reduced fuel consumption. The acceleration time to 100 km / h of the 1.3-liter version decreased by half a second (now 12.6 s), the 1.6-liter version with the “mechanics” still gains a hundred in 10 s, and with the “automatic” - almost a second faster (11.0 s) .

The interior has also undergone changes. Finishing began to be carried out only from high-quality materials, has addition in the form of unusual inserts which are intended to imitate metal. Improved driver's seat adjustment, increased steering wheel thickness. If desired, buyers in the front seats can be built heated seats and massage settings. Illumination of devices and monochrome screens instead of yellow began to shine blue, and the inside door handles stopped copying external ones. For the rear seats, the developers have provided adjustable seat tilt. Completes the picture quality insulation.

For lovers of sports driving in cars equipped with a CVT transmission, it is possible to switch to the "M" control mode, where speeds can be switched with special "petals" under the steering wheel (a la sports car!).

The basic equipment Comfort now included such useful options as climate control, stabilization systems and assistance when starting up the hill, electric adjustment of the lumbar support driver. In addition, the standard “package” includes daytime running lights, a center armrest between the front seats, 16-inch wheels instead of 15-inch, and a USB input.

Auris in the station wagon will also enter the markets of Europe and several other countries, although it is unlikely that such cars will appear on the Russian market. The model will be assembled in several countries, cars from Turkey will enter the Russian market.

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