Tagaz c30

One of the leading manufacturers of cars from China in Russia is the TagAZ plant.

Great Wall Voleex C30. \

Since 2011, the company has begun assembling a C30 golf class sedan, the exterior and filling of which completely repeats those of the Great Wall Voleex C30. The car is distinguished by compact size, roomy interior, rich basic equipment and affordable price.

Overall dimensions: length - 4450 mm, width - 1700 mm, height - 1480 mm, wheelbase - 2610 mm. The car has a modern appearance and a pleasant interior. From any angle sedan looks harmonious. The size and shape of the head optics are chosen correctly. It is successfully combined with a modest grille and slightly exciting bends of the hood. As part of the bumper familiar wide central air intake and round niches under the fog on the sides.

Visually, the body is divided into two parts by a drop-down line located at the level of the door handles. The front pillar of the roof is rather strongly inclined, which partially hides a considerable height, equal to 148 cm. The puffy wheel arches, along with the other mentioned elements, endow the image with some muscularity.

In the interior decoration abundance of inexpensive plastic. A tapered center console with a silver plastic facade has an empty connector for a color display. The dashboard has a brilliant edging devices, but all data is easy to read. Between the devices there is a display board, shaped like an hourglass, on which many important indicators are displayed. The steering column is adjustable in height only. The seats are upholstered in light-colored fabric, with an armrest nestled between them, with a deep glove compartment hidden inside. In the back row can accommodate three passengers.

Great Wall Voleex C30

The sofa folds in proportion 60:40, opening access to the luggage compartment. By the way, the luggage compartment of 510 liters of usable volume is one of the most capacious among the C-class cars.

Under the hood is a modern 1.5-liter 16-valve engine from the Toyota NZ series with variable valve timing system. Its power is 105 hp at 6000 rpm Torque is 138 nm at 4200 rpm. The engine is paired with a five-speed manual gearbox. The maximum speed is 175 km / h. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h takes 12.7 seconds. Fuel consumption in the combined cycle - liters per 100 kilometers. TagAZ C30 is certified at the level of EURO IV environmental standards.

Suspension is the most traditional. The front, as usual, McPherson strut, rear - semi-dependent, representing a torsion beam. The brakes are not only front but also rear disc.

 Tagaz C30 is presented in one single package. It includes FM radio, USB input, four speakers, front and rear electric windows, 15-inch steel wheels with hubcaps and 185/65 tires, central locking on four doors, air conditioning, power steering, heated exterior mirrors, rear fog lights headlight range control and even a light sensor. For the color "metallic" will have to pay. Of the systems that save life, there are airbags, both for the driver and the passenger, as well as the ABS system with the ability to distribute the braking forces for each wheel.

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