Suzuki splash


Suzuki Splash - a compact and maneuverable car that came to replace the baby Wagon R +. His name in English means "splash". The appearance of the serial version was preceded by the concept car "Project Splash". He was presented to the public at the Paris International Auto Show in September 2006. The enthusiastic reaction of the public convinced the design team led by Akira Kamio that the direction was right and the concept needed to be put into a series. Serial production of the Suzuki Splash began in 2008 in Esztergom (Hungary). Today, this model has a lot of fans, not only in Russia, but throughout the world.

Suzuki Splash 2009

For Splash, the basis was Swift: the wheelbase was shortened by 20 mm and worked on springs and shock absorbers. To make the body look proportionate and attractive, the designers had to work on harmonizing the ratio of width and height, giving the wings bulk, and tilting the subwindow line - dynamism. Splash looks aerodynamic: the whole look of the car has smooth lines - from the front bumper to the vertical tailgate. Short overhangs create a sleek appearance, despite the height of 1.59 meters. The aerodynamic drag coefficient is only Cx 0.32. Splash was awarded not only a bright and unique design, but also high-quality assembly inherent to Japanese cars.

The steering wheel, as well as the driver and front passenger seats are adjustable in height and are designed for any height and build. The shift lever is raised for more convenient operation, and you can open the fuel tank lid without leaving the cabin. A large palette of interior trim and exterior colors provides the opportunity to make your car truly individual and unique.

The capacity of the trunk is very modest: there is enough space for a pair of suitcases that correspond to the size of aviation carry-on baggage. If you fold the backs of the rear seats (perhaps a separate lowering in the ratio of 2: 3), then the volume of the cargo compartment will be quite competitive 1050 liters. There is also a bonus in the form of a 36-liter underground where tools and an emergency kit are placed. The salon is perfectly adapted for folding small things: there are only four holders of bottles or glasses, there are niches in the center console and a shelf above the glove compartment.

Suzuki Splash 2010

Splash combines compact size and high security. According to the results of crash tests on the Euro NCAP system, the car received 4 stars. In terms of safety, Splash is equipped no worse than an “adult” car: ABS, electronic power distributor and emergency dotormazhivatel are standard equipment. For a fee, you can install and stabilization system ESP. In terms of passive safety, it also does not miss: six pillows (frontal, side and special curtains), in front - belt pretensioners, a safety pedal assembly and developed energy-absorbing zones in the bow. The important point is the ability of the passenger airbag, located in the front seat of the Suzuki Splash, in its absence, to be blocked. In order to protect children in case of an accident, ISOFIX child seat fixation system is installed in Splash.

Machines with three types of engines are delivered to the European market: a three-cylinder petrol displacement of 996 cubic meters. see, four-cylinder petrol volume of 1242 cu. see and diesel displacement of 1312 cu. See Powertrains are paired with manual and automatic transmissions. All engines comply with Euro 4 standards - CO2 emissions are 120 g / km (when modified with manual transmission) and 140 g / km (with automatic transmission). Speaking about the profitability of the car, it is necessary to note the flow in the city. On average, a Japanese car Suzuki Splash with a volume of 1.0 consumes only 5 liters per 100 km in a city or highway. The engine power is 65 hp With the volume of the petrol engine of a car equal to 1.2, the consumption is 5.9 liters per 100 km of track, and the power is 86 hp With a small engine volume, the car is quite smart. Splash acceleration time with a volume of 1.0 is 14.7 seconds, and with a volume of 1.2 - 14.9. In addition, the Japanese car can reach a maximum speed of 160 and 170 km / h.

The vehicle package includes special shock absorbers. They provide a soft and smooth ride. The element of Splash is the city streets, where such a compact and maneuverable car feels at ease.

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