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Suzuki Liana 2006 - Full Review

In 2001, at the Geneva Motor Show, the Japanese manufacturer Suzuki introduced a new model with the mysterious name Liana. Later, the public explained that the name Liana is an abbreviation meaning life in a new age, i.e. "life in the new century". True, in America, the car is sold under the name Aerio, as in their homeland, in Japan.

The first year of Suzuki Liana was produced only in the back Hatchback. In 2002, the sedan was added to the Hatchback. His debut took place at a motor show in Detroit.

This original and cute car is made on the basis of the long-proven model Baleno. From her, Suzuki Liana borrowed an all-wheel drive transmission with a rear wheel drive that can be connected using a multi-plate clutch. By the way, the 4GRIP nameplate, located on the trunk, points to the all-wheel drive vehicle. There is also a more affordable front wheel drive version.

Suzuki Liana surprisingly combines the compactness inherent in golf-class cars, and the capacity is almost like that of a minivan. The creators awarded the car a bright and expressive exterior. The design of the rear part is very original - large lights and an interesting design of the fifth door make the Liana visually lower than it actually is. Massive door handles look solid. All this testifies to the big breakthrough of Suzuki in the individualization of its products. Beautiful and elegant appearance harmoniously complemented by carefully thought-out functionality.

Inside is quite spacious. In front, if there is a growth restriction, it lies far beyond the average anthropometric data. Backseat is quite enough in height and length. Comfortable seats with wide-spread lateral support rollers await passengers. Seat cushions are not very long, landing by the standards of a car is quite high. The driver's seat and steering column are height adjustable. Steering moderately sensitive, from lock to lock only three turns. Large body glass area provides an excellent overview.

The luggage compartment volume is 480 liters. It can be significantly increased by folding the backseat fully or partially, but the flat floor will not work, suspension housings protrude in the trunk. For shallow luggage pockets are provided for the front doors or drawers on the tunnel.

The dashboard has a rather avant-garde appearance. It is drawn in large arcs and decorated with a soft-looking plastic. A dark instrument panel with a turn of the ignition key illuminates with an orange backlight. Digital speedometer and a tachometer made in the form of a graph look unusual.

The main controls on the usual places: light and "wipers" - on the steering column switches, heated seats - next to the seats on the tunnel, power windows - on the doors, mirrors - just to the left and below the steering wheel. In short, the ergonomics of the driver's seat meets the highest requirements.

In the role of the main driving force was installed one 4-cylinder engine with a 1.6-liter capacity of 103 hp The power unit has a good medium speed and, like most "Japanese", lays out its full potential at high. You can choose from a five-speed manual transmission or a four-band "automatic".

Liana Suspension easily handles most road defects. It does not interfere with a rigid body and an elastic steering wheel to give the driver a feeling of complete control. By strict modern standards for manageability, Liana is close to ideal.

All Liana have alloy wheels, velor interior, air conditioning, four airbags, ABS, full-size spare tire, audio package with four speakers, immobilizer, power mirrors and windows, heated front seats. And all-wheel drive versions are also equipped with heated exterior mirrors. In general, the basic equipment is quite rich.

Since autumn 2003, sales of upgraded versions with a modified front end and advanced equipment began. Updated Suzuki Liana has become more refined. Conciseness was replaced by subtlety lines. The main changes are observed in the front of the body. Head light optics is a huge polycarbonate block headlights with turn signals projections. Slightly retouched the front and rear bumper, upgraded grille, new foglights and moldings. According to the latest fashion, Liana has acquired tiny windows, which today cut into almost all compact monocabs.

Inside, the designers reworked the front panel and center console. The Japanese manufacturer refused to modernize the design with digital instrument scales. Apparently, not everyone liked such defiant originality. Now on the dashboard - traditional arrow pointers.

Traditionally, the updated Suzuki Liana received a rich equipment and a spacious, well-designed interior. Finishing materials are of high quality, assembly-fitting is performed at an appropriate level. The center console with aluminum trim, silver-colored contours of white dials, red hands - it all works on a dynamic image. Landing is convenient, adjustment of the chair is enough to sit behind the wheel of a tall man.

In 2003, the power of the 1.6-liter engine was raised to 106 hp. instead of the previous 103 hp This high-torque and high-powered power unit gives the car a good acceleration. For the domestic Japanese market is offered a 1.5-liter R4 DOHC with a capacity of 100 hp.

On the Suzuki Liana, the Japanese used a cunning technology, according to which the car is completed not with an ordinary timing belt, but with a silent self-tensioning chain. The design of the same all-wheel drive is nothing complicated - when the front wheels slip, a viscous coupling connects the rear axle.

Standard equipment includes front and side airbags, heated mirrors and front seats, CD player, climate control.

For those who consider the look of a normal Liana too calm, the company offers a modification called Sport.

Designers Suzuki gave the exterior of the car more aggressive and dynamic. The front bumper with a low spoiler and fog lights integrated into it perfectly fits the look of the Liana Sport. The overall impression is completed in the style of the best tuning traditions of the grille. In order for the sidewalls of the car did not violate the overall harmony, they were supplemented with plastic lining on the wheel arches, body sills and the lower part of the doors. The modified rear bumper made the already original Liana back more uncommon and recognizable. Finally, to complete the overall style, aluminum 15-inch wheel rims were installed on the car.

In terms of internal comfort, the car is ahead of many models in its category. Landing in it is quite high, and due to the large glass area, even in the tensest stream, it will not be difficult to navigate. Vertically standing middle rack Suzuki Liana Sport form a solid space to the ceiling. Modern interior design with its practicality inspires respect and trust. In the decoration used only good-quality soft materials. The volume of the luggage compartment is impressive, and thanks to the ability to fold the rear seats in a 2: 1 ratio, it is perfectly adapted for carrying long loads.

The standard equipment of the Suzuki Liana Sport has almost everything to be proud of its car: four airbags, ABS, air conditioning, heated front seats, full power accessories, radio training, immobilizer, alloy wheels, a stylish aerodynamic body kit.

The passenger comfort, spacious interior and all-wheel drive make the Suzuki Liana a car perfectly adapted to the changing conditions of the new century.

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