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Review of Suzuki Ignis Samurai in Sheep's Clothing

The car was designed by a team of engineers in the Australian branch of Holden concern General Motors under the leadership of Peter Hughes: the first prototype named Chevrolet YGM-1 was born in 1999. At the heart of the car is the platform Suzuki Wagon R +, known in Europe under the name Opel Agila.

Just a year later, the car began to be sold on three continents at once. In Australia - as the Holden Cruze, in Japan - as the Chevrolet Cruze, in Europe - as the Suzuki Ignis. The word Ignis is Latin for "fire" or "light."

The car was produced in 3 or five-door version of the body. Despite its compact size, there is enough space inside to accommodate five passengers. The salon is easily transformed for the transport of long items and has a rich set of functional trifles, like drawers under the seats, cup holders, several glove boxes and even a bulky removable cache under the boot floor. Rear seats can be folded in a 50/50 ratio.

The first generation Suzuki Ignis was produced in two versions: front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive.

The ground clearance of 175 mm and all-wheel drive allow the car to feel confidently not only on the asphalt, but also on the dirt surface. True, to overcome a serious off-road Ignis is not designed, because the transmission does not have a differential lock or "hand-outs" with a reduction gear.

In the role of the main driving force, an economical 16-valve engine with a 1.3-liter capacity of 83 hp. The power unit was offered in a pair with a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission.

For the safety of passengers Ignis equipped with inserts in the door to protect against side impacts, immobilizer and two airbags.

However, with all the extraordinary appearance of the first generation is clearly not enough brightness. And in the spring of 2003 in Switzerland, the world saw the new Ignis. Its creators made an attempt to combine the quality of a small passenger car, a utility wagon and a SUV in one car. Excellent hybrid to move in the harsh conditions of a big city.

The second generation Suzuki Ignis differs from the predecessor model, first of all, by the new body design. The car began to look more modern due to the smooth lines of the body, as well as the new vertical headlamps. In addition, there was a modified grille and a massive front bumper with integrated fog lights.

The proportions of Ignis are very successful in terms of rationality. The length of the car is only 3.77 meters and it can claim to be the smallest SUV in the world. The ground clearance of 170 mm and small overhangs allow him to safely climb any curbs. By the way, compared with the first generation, the new Ignis clearance decreased.

Due to the high landing and a large glass area salon turned out very sunny and with good visibility. The finish is very solid: simple plastic and dark monochromatic fabric upholstery. Everything looks modern, pretty and leaves a favorable impression. The three-spoke steering wheel is comfortable in girth and pleasant to the touch. True, the steering column is rigidly fixed - not adjustable neither by the angle of inclination, nor by the departure.

Paddle switches, light control unit and exterior mirrors are taken from the European relative Opel Astra. Before the driver's eyes, there is a sports dashboard with white scales recessed into separate silver wells and red illumination. The front seat has three mechanical settings: longitudinal, backrest tilt and cushion height. This allows you to get comfortable behind the wheel, and a logical arrangement of controls is the key to good ergonomics.

The luggage is small - only 236 liters. It can be increased to 1002 liters, folding the back seat, but a flat floor will not work. A modest tailgate and large loading height make it difficult to transport large items.

The line of power units offers a choice of three engines. These are two gasoline engines with a 1.3- and 1.5-liter capacity, equipped with a variable valve timing system, as well as a new 1.3-liter turbo diesel engine.

Front wheel drive car. However, there may be a 4x4 wheel formula, although it is provided only for the most powerful and expensive version with a 1.5 liter engine. In this configuration, Ignis turns into a real gift for outdoor enthusiasts. Quite a tough, but "capacious" suspension makes the car repeat in detail the vertical profile of the road, but does not give much roll in corners. Brakes are good, especially considering ABS with EBD and “emergency dortomazhivatelem” already in the basic configuration.

The Suzuki Ignis standard package includes a 94-hp engine, anti-lock brakes, front airbags, central locking, front electric windows, electric power steering, acoustic systems, body-colored bumpers, air conditioning, electric adjustments, heated rear-view mirrors, fog lights heated front seats.

High grade adds to the basic equipment 16-inch alloy wheels, roof bars, plump lining on the wheel arches, rear spoiler and display on the dashboard.

So the new Ignis is easy to control, good visibility, practicality, high ground clearance and a nice, extraordinary appearance. The new Suzuki is congenially so fashionable nowadays cars, combining the advantages of different classes, which are called crossovers.

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