Suzuki cara

The Suzuki Cara is a compact two-seater coupe that was released by the Japanese car company Suzuki in January 1993.

AUTOZAM AZ-1 SUZUKI CARA 25th Anniversary meeting

At its core, this is an analogue of a model called AZ-1 from Mazda. The external differences between the Mazda AZ-1 and Suzuki Cara are very slight. These include the modified shape of the front bumper with integrated fog lamps. The wheelbase of the Suzuki Cara is - 2 235 mm, length - 3 295 mm, width - 1 395 mm, and height - 1 150 mm. Mass of the car - 720 kg. As an option, alloy wheels could be installed. A notable feature of the body is the doors opening upward, like gull wings, which were attached to the central roof rail, and the transparent parts, located above the seats, were one with the doors.

Under the hood of the car Suzuki Cara located 64-strong three-cylinder turbocharged engine of 0.7 liters DOHC12 equipped with an intercooler and an electronic fuel injection control system (EPI). The same motor company Suzuki installed on the model of Suzuki Alto Works. Also, this power unit was borrowed by Mazda for the Mazda Carol, which later received a similar body. Drive in Suzuki Cara - front.


As for the transmission, there was installed a 5-speed manual gearbox. The volume of the fuel tank was 30 liters, and the consumption per 100 km in city mode was 5.5 liters, 3.3 liters on the highway.

Both the front and rear suspension of the Suzuki Cara consisted of suspension struts with a coil spring. The car's braking system included front and rear disc brakes. As an option, it was proposed to equip the anti-lock braking system (ABS). Due to its size, the car was quite nimble. The minimum turning radius was only 4.7 m.

The interior of the car was quite modest. The list of options for comfortable movement included only air conditioning, which was enough for a small urban two-seater.

Production of the Suzuki Cara continued until December 1995. Sales volumes for this period were very small - only 531 cars. In 1993, 189 copies were sold, and in 1994, only 29. It is worth noting that his twin AZ-1 from Mazda sold things much better, namely, for the entire production time (from October 1992 to 1995). 4392 cars were produced. The price of Suzuki Cara at the rate at the time of release was 13,600 dollars.

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