Suzuki alto

The first car, which was called the Alto, was born back in 1979 in the form of a truck car assembly.

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It was hard to believe then that this simple and economical model would become the leader of sales and the symbol of a small car.

Over 25 years of release, Alto has undergone many changes and has been transformed beyond recognition. From 1982 to 1985, the Alto I was produced. It was in fairly good demand, but in the mid-80s it was discontinued and replaced with a completely new car with the same name. Alto II stayed on the line from 1986 to 1993. In 1994, it was replaced by Alto III, which was produced before 1998.

In October 1998, due to a change in the standards for small cars, Suzuki Alto experienced a complete model change, which resulted in the appearance of the fourth generation of this model. As a result of these changes, there was an increase in the external dimensions and weight (by 10 kg) of the car, but the minimum turning radius was reduced by 0.4 meters. Thus, the appearance of a new generation of the model did not deprive Alto of the status of a small car.

Special attention is given to the fact that under the name Alto in the Suzuki family there are two different cars. The first one is intended for the Japanese market, and the second one is noticeably more spacious - for sale in other countries of the world, including in Europe. It is noteworthy that the "big" Alto is assembled in India at the factories of the Maruti company, but in Europe it carries the mother brand Suzuki.

In the spring of 2002, a small modernization of this car took place, primarily due to the advent of a more powerful 1.1-liter 16-valve engine of 62 hp, which meets Euro requirements. As a result, the maximum speed with a manual transmission increased to 155 km / h.

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Suzuki, in terms of environmental protection, is not limited to the introduction of an economical engine. All plastic components are made from environmentally friendly materials.

Compact size, high position of the driver's seat, large windshield - all these amenities allow Alto to freely maneuver and park in urban environments.

As options were offered hydromechanical 3-step “automatic”, air conditioning, ABS, power steering, etc.

The fifth generation Suzuki Alto (dimensions 3395x1475x1510 mm) made its debut in the domestic Japanese market in September 2004. Modifications for the 2006 model year - E, G, X and X Premium. The model received an upgraded engine K6A R3 12V DOHC with a volume of 658 cm³, developing 54 hp and 61 Nm, and three gearboxes to choose from - 5-speed manual or 3-or 4-speed “automatic”.

The equipment includes front airbags, ABS, EBD, power steering, central locking, mounting for ISOFIX child seats, audio package, power windows and mirrors, fog lights, alloy wheels. A choice of front-wheel drive or full drive transmission with plug-in rear wheel drive.

Since spring 2005, commercial versions of the Alto Van with a simplified rear seat have also been offered.

The previous generation Alto is assembled at the Indian factory Maruti Udyog in Delhi for all foreign markets, including European countries. Since the summer of 2005, sales of upgraded versions of Alto 2006 have begun in India, however, in Europe, model versions of the 2005 model year are still being offered. Gamma versions for Europe - Base, Club and Comfort. The 1.0 liter engine of the R4 16V (63 hp, 85 Nm) is aggregated with either a 5-speed “mechanics” or a 4-speed “automatic”. The trunk volume of 177 liters can be increased to 432 liters (due to folding rear seats). The list of basic equipment includes ABS, EBD, central locking, front airbags, audio system with CD-receiver and air conditioning.

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