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Kaido Racer: 1971 Subaru R2 (K12)

In 1971, the Subaru R2 (first generation) replaces the discontinued Subaru 360. This car was not destined to repeat the success of its predecessor, but in technical terms, the model is significantly superior to the progenitor.

In 2003, Fuji Heavy Industries (owner of the brand "Subaru") introduced the new car Subaru R2. The appearance of the production model was preceded by a green concept car, presented at the Tokyo Motor Show 2001, which is considered to be the prototype of the modern R2.

The specialist Andreas Zapatinas, discharged from the AlfaRomeo design center, was responsible for developing the look of this unusual car. The front part is made in the "aviation" style. Drop-shaped headlamps, all kinds of unusual air intakes - all this looks very unusual, given Subaru's conservatism in design. The silhouette is made using the “one motion” technique and is underlined by the line of wings. An interesting find in the exterior: markers and door handles are made together with side molding.

The cabin can easily accommodate 4 adults. Interior decoration will give a feeling of coziness and comfort. High-quality textured plastic, pleasant upholstery, a lot of various hatches for small things - all this gives R2 a completely different level. In the devices, the arrows disappear during the stop, the indicators are enlarged, the pale yellow color of the dashboard looks good. It is felt that the designers very carefully approached the quality of the finish, avoiding the luxurious color, and made it calm. If you open the inner mirror on the back side of the sun visor, the light bulb comes on at the same time.

In the role of the main driving force is proposed in-line four-cylinder engine with distributed petrol injection. The working volume of this motor “EN07” is 658 cm³. The peculiarity of the unit is that it is placed on the Subaru R2 in three different versions (depending on the vehicle version).

The most affordable is modification “i”, which is equipped with this engine with one camshaft (8-valves with one upper camshaft), which develops 46 hp.

Then comes the “R” modification with a 54-hp DOHC type engine (16-valve with 2nd overhead camshafts).

And, finally, the most advanced version, modification S with an engine of increased power of the type “DOHC Super charger” (turbocharger and “intercooler”). The maximum developed power is 64 hp The number of cylinders - 4, two camshafts, the engine is armed with a forced intake SuperCharger. Externally, a car with this engine is easily distinguished by the air intake on the hood.

Subaru R2 is overwhelmingly equipped with a continuously variable i-CVT V-belt variator. The variator is coupled to the torque converter, which is activated only on lower gear ratios (blocking). In the modification “S”, the variator has a manual shift mode, which is called Sport shift, and allows you to change speeds in a 7-step pattern.

Suspension: McPherson front, semi-independent rear (coupled trailing arms). This suspension perfectly swallows bumps on the road and provides greater comfort while driving. Front disc brakes (ventilated), rear drum. Rack and pinion with electric power steering.

The car, depending on the modification, is equipped with cast wheels with dimension 14 for 4 1 / 2J (tires 155 / 65R14) or 15 for 4 1 / 2J (tires 155 / 60R15). The turning circle is 4.7 meters (“S” modifications - 4.8 meters).

Due to the fact that R2 belongs to the compact class, Subaru paid great attention to security. The car includes already standard safety features such as seat belts with pretensioners and airbags (including side airbags). In addition, the vehicle uses the emergency brake assist system. Established brakes are R13 in size and are based on ventilated discs. The car is equipped with electronic brake force distribution (EBD), as well as a system of locking wheels (ABS).

The car is offered with a whole host of options: xenon light, minidisk / CD player or CD / changer, rain sensor, cup holders in front and behind, hardware for the child seat, folding rear seat and folding mirrors.

After the premiere, the car was immediately available in 11 colors. For the internal painting offered two colors.

At the end of 2004, the situation changed somewhat. Eleven shades remained, pale yellow (lemon) was replaced by more saturated yellow. But the most important change concerned the fact that one or another body color became “attached” to the modification of the car and the interior color. For example, yellow, green and lilac shades are available only in the modification "I" (as well as the bright interior). And black, blue, white in the modification “R” (with a dark interior).

In 2005, the number of base colors decreased from 11 to 8. At the same time, new colors appeared (bright green, orange and beige metallic).

At the end of 2004, the modification R2 Custom was launched. Of the external differences of the car from other modifications R2 it is worth noting bleached side direction indicators, as well as a new form of the front bumper, made in an aggressive way. Rear doors and tailgate tinted front fog lights are available. The 20 mm extended ceiling makes driving this car more comfortable. For greater safety in the cabin installed new head restraints.

Plus the ability to install all-wheel drive (on request).

The interior is made in a light sporting spirit with numerous plastic inserts made of metal. The R2 Custom version has a standard audio system with CD / MD and FM radio.

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