Ssang yong actyon

SsangYong Actyon 200 Xdi Aut-Prueba

The world premiere of the Ssang Yong Actyon was held at the SIA 2006 International Motor Show. The car combined the advantages of an all-wheel-drive SUV and sedan comfort, excellent dynamics and minimal fuel consumption. Equally good in the conditions of the city and complete off-road. Perfect for lovers of adventure and outdoor activities.

Design from the British designer Ken Greenlee will not leave unnoticed car on the roads of the city. The bold full face and dynamic profile look harmonious and monumental. A distinctive feature of this SUV is a frame structure.

All Ssang Yong engines are manufactured under license from Mercedes-Benz. Actyon is equipped with a gasoline (2.3 l - 150 hp) and high-tech turbo diesel with a third-generation common-rail system (2.0Xdi - 141 hp). The choice of the buyer offers cars with a manual five-speed or automatic four-speed gearbox.

The system of all-wheel drive (Part -Time) and a full range of active and passive safety systems ensure steady movement on any road.

In the basic configuration there are two front airbags, ABS, energy-absorbing steering column, climate control system, heated front seats, electric mirrors and power windows and an excellent audio system with 6 speakers. The additional options include ESP dynamic stabilization system, leather trim, rear friction differential and proprietary alarms.

Later, at the base of the crossover created the eponymous all-wheel drive pickup Ssang Yong Actyon Sports. He inherited the front part of the body, the units (engines, gearbox) and the interior of his “predecessor”, but is distinguished by the presence of a separate cargo compartment, presented in two versions - the usual and with a special superstructure (optional). In addition, the wheelbase of the pickup truck lengthened by 320 mm, and its overall length due to the trunk increased by 510 millimeters. Accordingly, the Actyon Sports slightly increased rear overhang, as well as decreased the exit angle. In the technical stuffing major changes have occurred.

Suspension of the pickup has not changed - the front is a scheme of double wishbones, rear - a continuous bridge on a 5-lever Multilink suspension and coil springs. The Transy Actyon Sports, in addition to the Part Time all-wheel drive system, has been supplemented with a multiplier, which includes a reduced range of gears when it gets off-road.

The Ssang Yong Actyon Sports body is mounted on a spatial frame, which has a special three-layer structure and protects the car from damage in off-road conditions, and also serves as one of the main elements of passive safety, effectively absorbing and dissipating the impact energy.

Powerful, high-torque and economical diesel engine allows you to quickly get to the place of rest. The power unit provides a towing force of 2,300 kg and is capable of towing massive loads.

Actyon Sports comes standard with driver airbags, ABS, air conditioning, heated front seats, electric mirrors and power windows, fog lights, 16-inch alloy wheels, central locking with remote control, alarm, plastic cargo compartment protection and audio preparation with 6 speakers . As an option, the Actyon Sports offered a front passenger airbag, climate control, leather upholstery, audio controls on the steering wheel, 18-inch alloy wheels, as well as various options for the bodywork superstructures.

In 2010, the first generation was replaced by the New Actyon. The prefix New appeared in the title, so as not to confuse the new model with the previous one, which did not hurry to leave our market. By the way, in some markets, the second generation of the model is sold as the Korando.

Exterior New Action was less controversial than the previous generation. Over the design, the Koreans were helped to develop an Italian studio "Guigiaro". Low-key head units optics, slightly "elongated" on the front fenders. Stylish front bumper with a false grille, chrome strip and fog lamps. Direction indicators mounted in the side mirrors. Moderately massive wheel arches. Simple and tasteful - nothing superfluous.

The interior is ascetic, finishing materials are low-cost, but it is ergonomic and modern filling is not deprived. Already in the intermediate trim levels provided cruise control, power, multimedia system, heated front seats. Available with leather seats. Well, as the price increases, the car can be equipped with a sunroof, parking assistant, electric seat settings and other joys.

Another plus of the interior is space. The range of the “stroke” of the seats and the steering wheel is enough for even four tall passengers and the driver to settle into the Action with comfort. The volume of the luggage compartment 485 liters.

The choice of engines is very modest - these are just two options for a 2-liter turbodiesel. The first gives 149 horsepower, the second - 26 more. Both that and other motor are aggregated or six-step mechanics, or with a six-step automatic machine. In the form of the option "automatic" it is allowed to equip the mode of forced switching. Action with drive type 2x4 accelerates to 195 kilometers per hour. All-wheel drive versions up to 190 km / h.

The suspension is pretty simple. Ahead - McPherson. Rear - design double wishbone.

SsangYong has made a big step forward in security work. Engineers designed the bearing body structure with a rigid frame, taking into account the deformation zones in case of an accident. To the standard set of airbags added curtains and active head restraints. Also in the "security package" Action is ABS and the ESP system, which provides dynamic stability. Optionally, you can order ARP, which protects the car from overturning, and the "recoil" system HSA, which will help get under way.

In 2012, the Actyon Sports second-generation pickup truck was introduced at the Geneva Motor Show. The car added in external dimensions, with the preserved dimensions of the wheelbase of 3060 mm. Pickup increased in length to 4990mm, width up to 1910mm and up to 1790mm in height. The minimum ground clearance under the front suspension arms is 188 mm, the rear clearance is higher - 212 mm.

Exterior design has become more attractive and modern. A large two-level grille is covered with a fine mesh, an impressively sized bumper with stylish two-story foglights, large headlights with tides flowing onto the wings, and a hood with characteristic ribs and stamps. In the lower part of the body, starting from the front bumper, sills and ending with the rear bumper, protected by lining of unpainted plastic. The rear part is solved in a classic for trucks style - lighting columns, powerful and high side of the cargo platform with dimensions of 1275 mm in length, 1600 mm in width and 525 mm in height, designed for loading euro pallets. It is possible to cover the open trunk with a protective low or high kung.

In the initial configuration of the Original car has air conditioning, on-board computer, alarm with central locking, heated "rest area janitors", electrically heated mirrors, electric windows on all doors, fog. In the filling of the maximum version of Luxury leather interior is added, climate control, electric driver's seat in 8 directions, rain sensor, electric sunroof.

As an engine for Actyon Sports 2012, Russian buyers are offered a 2.0 liter D20DTR diesel. (149 hp), working in tandem with the mechanics of 6 gearboxes or automatic 6 automatic transmissions (T-Tronic with the function of manual transmission selection). The motor provides acceleration to the first "hundred" in 10.8-11 seconds and a top speed of 163 km / h. Fuel consumption with 6MKPP (6 automatic transmissions) is 6 (6.8) liters on the highway, and in urban environments 9.7 (9.8) liters of diesel fuel. The petrol ruler is represented by a 2.3-liter engine with a power of 150 hp, which is paired with a 5-speed manual.

As security systems are installed ABS with EBD and ESP as an option.

Another restyling of Ssang Yong Actyon has undergone in 2013. The changes affected the front and back of the body, the interior of the car and its technical stuffing. For the domestic market, the car will be produced in Vladivostok on the assembly line of the Sollers-Far East plant.

The exterior has changed a bit - the designers have worked especially well on the front of the car. New hood with charismatic stampings, head lighting with a separate arrangement of powerful high-beam lenses, segments responsible for low beam, turn indicators and stylish corners of LED daytime running lights. The radiator grille shrank and stretched wide, a new shape front bumper got a large air intake, covered with a protective grid with a honeycomb pattern and round fog on the original inserts. These new elements give the front of the updated Ssang Yong Actyon a more solid and modern look. The back of the body has not changed as dramatically as the face of the SUV. Restyling has affected only the overall lights - a new design of the lamps and LED content. Complement the picture light-alloy wheels 16-18 radius with a new design pattern. Rubber is installed 215/65 R16, 225/60 R17 or 225/55 R18. Depending on the wheels installed, the minimum ground clearance is different, the crossover equipped with 16-inch wheels has 180 mm ground clearance, and with 18-inch ground clearance it is 190 mm.

Seven enamel colors are used for painting the body, four of which are new - mother-of-pearl, dark blue, bright red and gray carbon, three are known for the doretyling model - black, white and silver.

Serious changes have occurred in the design of the cabin. The modified dashboard has become more pleasant and comfortable. The interior has got a completely new central console, in the middle of which is a display of a standard multimedia system with navigation and the ability to connect external devices via Bluetooth or using a special connector for iPhone. In addition, in the decoration began to use more expensive and high-quality materials. For the convenience of the driver and passengers, the car received a significant number of various additional options, for example, the presence of tire pressure sensors, actual transmission indicators (for models with manual transmissions), heated steering wheel, keyless access to the salon and starting the engine with the SmartKey button, ventilating the front seats and the speaker from Harman. There are six complete sets for the restyled Actyon version: Welcome, Original, Elegance, Comfort, Luxury and Premium. In the basic configuration, the car is equipped with air conditioning and onboard computer, powered windows, and both rear and front, as well as heated windshield. 

The changes affected only the appearance and the interior, the technical characteristics remained at the same level. It is still a car with a two-liter engine (gasoline or diesel), developing 149 hp, paired with six-speed transmissions (mechanical or automatic). Two types of drive 2WD (front-wheel drive) and Active AWD (automatic all wheel drive).

According to the manufacturer, SsangYong Actyon 2013 reduced vibration and noise from the engine and transmission by 10% compared to the dorestayling model. To achieve greater silence allowed the installation of a more rigid subframe and other engine mounts. This restyling is likely to be the last until the next generation of Action, which is scheduled for 2016/2017.

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