Skoda 440

Au volant d'une Skoda 440 \

After the war, most of the car market innovations boiled down to a cosmetic upgrade of old designs. Activity increased only closer to the mid-50s. Then, on the Skoda production line at the end of 1953, the Spartak model appeared, which was positioned as a new type of people's car. The car got on the conveyor only in 2 years and already under the name Skoda 440, but, despite this, the model went down in history all the same as Spartak. Under the hood, they installed a 4-cylinder engine with a 1.1-liter capacity of 40 hp. (this is where the index 440 comes from).

Conventionally, you can select a whole family in the model range Skoda: 440/445/450. In 1957, after increasing the engine to 1221 cm ³, the Skoda 445 appeared. A sports version called the Skoda 450 with a modified 50 hp engine was released a little later.

The success of the Skoda 440 / Spartak in 1959 supported the model Skoda Octavia I.

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