Seat mii Review: Seat Mii

Seat Mii is the Spanish version of the VW model up! There is also a Czech twin brother - Skoda Citigo. The Spanish version of Siticara received a more dynamic and aggressive exterior of all. If the Czech car has only its own radiator grille, then the Mii, in addition to the original false radiator grille, in the form of an inverted isosceles trapezium, also has original front and rear lights, a bumper, a bonnet and rims.

Seat Mii 2012

Dimensions Mii are ideal for the metropolis: 3.56 m in length, 1.65 in width and 1.48 m in height. The mass of the car is only 854 kilograms. The useful volume of the luggage compartment is 251 liters (951 with the rear backrests folded). The buyer will be able to choose between the three-and five-door versions.

The Spaniards did not make any significant changes to the interior of the compact car. The interior migrated from the German counterpart with little or no change. All changes were reduced to a different wheel. Quadruple salon is spacious enough, despite its small overall dimensions. This was made possible thanks to the short overhangs and the longest possible wheelbase.

Already in the basic configuration available front and side airbags, Isofix mount with Top Tether, climate control and, of course, branded universal communication system with two displays. The first display is designed to display information about the condition of the car, and the second combines the functions of a multimedia system, a communicator, navigation and parking sensors.

Seat Mii 2013 year

In addition, it is worth noting the proprietary accident prevention system City Emergency Braking (City Safety Assist). Laser sensors detect obstacles, pedestrians and other vehicles, and also determine whether they are moving or standing. This system warns the driver about the danger, and at a speed of up to 30 km / h it slows down automatically.

In addition, Chic and Sport packages are available for the model. The first will be available leather steering wheel and trim expensive materials, and in the second alloy wheels, toning, stiffer and understated suspension.

Under the hood is a three-cylinder liter engine with 60 hp. or 75 hp In addition to the five-step mechanics, the transmission also offers a DSG robotic box. The maximum speed of the car varies in the range of 160-170 km / h, and fuel consumption is 4.5-4.7 liters per hundred kilometers.

Potential buyers of this car are the youth and the beautiful half of humanity. Small, agile, economical, it was created for cramped city streets.

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