Rover montego

The mid-size sedan Rover Montego, aka Austin Montego and MG Montego, was manufactured by the British company Austin-Rover, which is part of the Leyland group.

Rover Montego Countryman TD Estate Austin MG Maestro

Its predecessors were the Morris Ital and Austin Ambassador models. The creation of the Montego was due to the desire of the manufacturer to compete with Ford Sierra and Vauxhall Cavalier. Development of the model began in 1975, and the first production car was released on April 25, 1984. Production of Austin Montego was conducted in the years 1984-1995, and MG Montego - from 1985 to 1991. The successors of Montego are the models Rover 600 and MG ZT.

Despite the use of advanced technologies for those years, the first batch of machines did not differ in special quality and reliability, which forced the manufacturer to take the necessary measures to fine-tune the design and units. By the end of the 80s, Montego got rid of "childhood diseases", which allowed him to compete with such models as the Citroen BX, Peugeot 405 and Audi 80.

The car was produced in a 4-door 5-seater sedan and 5-door 5- or 7-seater wagon of Montego Estate (since October 1984) and was front-wheel drive. The dimensions of the car are 4468/1709/1420 mm with a wheelbase of 2570 mm and a track gauge of 1465/1440 mm, the minimum ground clearance was 155 mm. Trunk volume 520 liters. Curb weight, depending on the modification of 1075-1135 kg, permissible full - 1460-1560 kg.

Montego equipment included body-colored bumpers, wipers hiding under the hood in the off state, a voice-activated navigator, sports-made appliances, open door indicators, door lighting and much more; The station wagon version had a large compared to the competitors, a spacious luggage compartment and the ability to install two additional child seats in the back. The most expensive version was distinguished by leather seats, walnut veneer trim, power windows and electric mirrors, and central locking.

Installed on the car gasoline 4-cylinder 8-valve engines of 1.3 liters (69 hp / 5600 rpm, 102 Nm / 3500 rpm; release from 1985 to 1993), 1.6 liter S series (86 l. sec. / 5600 about, 132 Nm / 3500 about; 1984-1993), 2.0 l of series O (104 hp / 5500 about, 164 Nm / 3000 about and 115 hp / 5500 about, 175 Nm / 2700 about; 1986-1993), and also a turbodiesel of 2,0 l (81 hp / 4500 about, 158 Nanometers / 2500 about; 1985-1992).

Montego with an engine of 1.3 liters accelerated to 100 km / h in 13 seconds, gained a maximum speed of 154 km / h and had an AI-92 gasoline consumption of 4.8 liters on the highway, 7.8 liters in the city and 6.8 liters - in the combined cycle. The similar indicators in the 1.6-liter version: 11.2 s to hundreds, the maximum speed of 165 km / h, consumption 5.1 / 9.1 / 6.8 liters per 100 km.

Two-liter petrol engines with 104 hp had a torque of 164 Nm / 3000 rpm, acceleration time to 100 km / h 9.8 s, maximum speed 175 km / h and fuel consumption 5.6 / 10 / 7.6 l.

B. Cowley South Works 1992 Austin Rover Maestro Montego Production Line

More advanced engines of the S series with 115 hp distributed injection differed by the presence of torque of 175 Nm / 2700 rpm and, as a result, the best dynamics: 9.2 s to hundreds and the "maximum speed" 185 km / h; The consumption of AI-95 at the same time was 10.5 liters in the urban cycle, 6.2 liters in the suburban and 8.1 liters in the mixed one.

4-cylinder 8-valve diesel engine was characterized by increased, on average, by 10%, efficiency compared with other cars of this class, which was recognized by representatives of the Ministry of Defense, who placed their orders until 1994. With such a power unit, the Montego picked up speed of 100 km / h in 12.7 s, while the maximum reached 163 km / h. Fuel consumption on the highway fit into 3.8 liters, in the city - 5.8 liters, and in the combined cycle - 5.5 liters.

The suspension was independent with coil springs front and rear. Steering gear type-nut with power.

The front brake disc, rear - drum. Active safety system included ABS and Brake Assist Dortomazhivatel. The standard tire size is 185 / 65R14.

In 1993, the car stopped producing and the next model, the Rover 600, was launched, but Montego sales from dealers continued until 1995. The latest Rover Montego, assembled at the Cowley plant in Oxford, was solemnly signed by all workers and exhibited at the British Automobile Museum in Gaydon (Workshire).

In total, over the years of production, 546,000 Austin / Rover Montego and 23,000 MG Montego were produced. The UK was the main market for these machines - 436,000 units. Since 1984, the wagon, and since 1989 - the Austin Montego sedan with a 2-liter engine, collected in New Zealand. Attempts were made to adjust the sales of Rover Montego in India, but due to insignificant demand, it was decided to abandon this idea. The Austin Montego version was also produced in China under the name Etsong Lande.

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