Rover mgf

The Rover MGF is a small double roadster with a folding fabric roof, which was released by the British car company Rover in 1995.

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The name "MGF" affects another brand - MG. In 1995, Rover decided to revive the MG brand, with the result that the new roadster was named MGF (the letter F stands for type). On the body design of the new model worked Pinifarina, which knows a lot about automotive beauty. Especially good MGF looked with a folded roof. Unlike modern roadsters, the roof of the MGF was removed manually, which made the structure much cheaper. The wheelbase of the Rover MGF was 2,375 mm, the length of the car was 3,913 mm, the width was 1,628 mm, and the height was only 1,264 mm.

As for the technical equipment, it is significantly different from what was used in the previous cars of MG. The engine layout of the Rover MGF is central transverse. Initially, the 120-strong (at 5,500 rpm) dual-camshaft four-cylinder power unit of the K series with a volume of 1.8 liters was installed on the roadster. The motor was completely aluminum.

Rover MGF - Is It The Definitive Roadster?

The car possessed a rear wheel drive. As for the transmission, there was used a 5-speed manual gearbox. All this allowed the Rover MGF model to accelerate to 100 km / h in just 9.2 seconds, and its maximum speed was 193 km / h. The braking system included ventilated front discs and rear disc brakes.

The front and rear hydragas were independent hydropneumatic and consisted of a double wishbone, a pneumatic resilient element and a lateral stabilizer. Of the minuses worth noting excessive vibration when driving on roads with numerous small irregularities, as well as their rather tangible effect on the steering wheel. The reactivity and steering precision of a Rover MGF are ample for a moderately aggressive ride.

The interior of the car Rover MGF was made of inexpensive materials. The brightest details in the interior of the roadster are white instrument scales, a rather comfortable three-spoke sports steering wheel with a large emblem in the middle and two chairs with pronounced lateral support. Most of the interior details were taken from other Rover models. The luggage compartment was small - only 209 liters.

In 2002, the production of the Rover MGF car was completed, and in its stead, Rover released its restyled version, which as a result received a new name - Rover MG TF.

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