Rolls royce park ward


The Rolls-Royce Park Ward Sedan debuted at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2000. The car is built on an elongated (+250 mm) chassis model Silver Seraph. Extra space was left for the rear seat passengers. The wheelbase is 3366 mm. Length increased to an impressive 5640 mm, width - 1932 mm, height - 1555 mm. A distinctive feature of the appearance of the model is a wide insert between the front and rear doors. Polished chrome rails at the threshold visually make a massive car easier than it actually is. Bumpers are painted in the color of the car body. Special composition applied to the surface of the body, protects high-quality paint.

Salon Park Ward is decorated with high-quality natural leather and valuable varieties of wood in several shades. The front and rear seats are separated by a partition, in the rear of the cabin there is a wide center console, inside which are wine glasses and a small refrigerator for champagne. Park Ward is also equipped with a TV receiver, DVD-player, infrared headphones, LCD monitor and audio system. Separately worth noting are countless perfectly tuned electronic control components that ensure safety as well as increase the level of comfort.

In the role of the main driving force, the V-shaped 12-cylinder engine from BMW has a working volume of 5379 cm³ with an output of 326 hp. The acceleration time from zero to 100 km / h is 7.8 seconds. The maximum speed is 225 km / h.

In November 2001, Bentley Motors and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars unveiled a limited edition of the Rolls-Royce Park Ward model in Tokyo. Subsequently, only 40 copies were released. After Rolls-Royce became part of the BMW concern in 2003, these 40 cars began to be considered the last true Rolls-Royce manufactured at the plant in Crow (England).

Rolls-Royce Park Ward is a luxury car designed for successful businessmen and members of royal dynasties.

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