Renault scenic rx4

Renault Scenic RX4 is a four-wheel drive version of the Scenic with increased ground clearance and a new rear wheel suspension.

Renault Megane Scenic RX4 Review - With Richard Hammond (2000)

It was first introduced at the end of 1999. The car is a symbiosis of the compact UPV on the chassis of the SUV.

The car differs from the base model Renault Scenic with wider wings made of composite material, powerful bumpers, protective door linings, increased ground clearance by 60 mm and 16-inch wheels with tires with developed lugs, as well as a full-size spare tire on the rear door. The abundance of plastic linings, prudently not painted in body color, saves the owner a lot of nerves and money. Scratches or abrasions on this “belt” are hardly noticeable and do not cause much damage to the appearance.

The ground clearance is increased to 180 mm. All-wheel drive scheme is made as simple as possible. Under normal conditions, the Scenic RX4 is a front wheel drive car and, only in the case of slippage of the driving wheels, are the rear wheels connected via a viscous coupling. This, in general, the traditional scheme gives an excellent result. On a difficult surface for movement with soft soil, the car not only does not get stuck, but does not even slip. On the Scenic RX4, by simply pressing a button, you can block the front transverse differential, which makes it easier to overcome rough terrain. RX4, of course, is not designed for off-road driving, but it’s good for non-extreme auto-tourism, because its elements are not only high-quality asphalt.

The exterior of the Scenic RX4 looks strictly: a body raised high above the road, powerful wheel arches, a solid plastic body kit, a kenguryatnik and a full-size spare tire on the fifth door. There is a large front windshield, diamond-shaped, with smoothed corners, double headlights and a small grille with a company logo in the middle.

The salon has a sporty style and is equipped with removable seats. Folding seats allow you to transform the internal space to accommodate from 2 to 5 passengers. Each of the three rear seats can be folded, pushed back, and even removed. In seconds, the 5-seater interior turns into a 2-, 3-or 4-seater; The central rear seat can be converted into a table, and the two side seats can be brought closer to each other, adding space to the passengers in the shoulders.

There are many niches for small items. Spacious drawers under each seat, mini-fridge in the lower part of the center console, glove box, newspaper compartments in the doors. The luggage compartment varies from 410 to 1800 liters.

2001 renault scenic RX4 TURBO DIESEL 4WD

Significantly facilitated in the RX4 loading items in the trunk. Here, in contrast to the simple Scenic, the fifth door basically opens to the side, which, given the presence of a spare tire on it, is justified. The rear window can be reclined separately, so that some little thing can be thrown into the cabin without opening the door.

If you need to carry something large, you can fold the rear seats. In the second row there are three and each has a folding back. When this is not enough, the chairs easily tilt forward. By the way, any assembled seat will serve as a magnificent table. To do this, on the back of it has a special plastic cover. In the backs of the front seats are also made reclining tables with a cup holder.

The driver's seat with a small lateral support provides a very high seating position. To the right of him - a wide armrest. The height-adjustable steering wheel with power steering and the lever of the 5-speed manual gearbox are European-style comfortable.

The car windows are very large - the interior has turned out bright and spacious. An optional sunroof is available. The front window is divided by a small plastic strip, but no window leaf is provided here: it is just a decorative element.

The center console strikes with elegance: convex, with a CD player that can be controlled using the keys on the steering wheel, climate control and stove deflectors. Above it is a small on-board computer display showing temperature, fuel consumption and time. The four-wheel drive Scenic is equipped with a 2.0-liter gasoline engine with a power of 140 hp and a turbocharged diesel engine with a common rail fuel supply system of 1.9 liters and a power of 102 hp.

Front suspension (McPherson) and rear (three-link) are made on all-wheel drive Scenic independent.

Stiff suspension and low center of gravity provide the model required off-road performance. The car is equipped with fog lights, climate control, front and side airbags, an on-board computer, a CD player, a fine filter for the ventilation system, power accessories and headlight washers. In addition, there are ABS, EBV (brake force distribution system) and AFU (emergency brake assist system). If desired, you can order a leather interior and sunroof.

Now representatives of Renault are already working on the creation of the Scenic RX5.

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