Renault clio symbol

Renault Clio Symbol is a compact sedan built on a serial hatchback by the method of lengthening.

2007 Renault Clio Symbol inceleme / examination

Production of Clio Symbol began in 1999 in Turkey. The model was intended solely for the markets of third countries.

The car looks surprisingly stylish, aided by smooth, rounded lines. Exterior features simple, clear and structured forms. Interior decoration is made in a single color scheme. Comfortable seats, adjustable head restraints, air conditioning and radio remote control located on the steering column contribute to the feeling of complete comfort on the road. Pretty high landing gives good visibility.

The increase in the size of the car had a positive impact on the space for the rear passengers. By the way, resizing did not entail a significant increase in the mass of the car. Many elements of Renault, for example, headlights, front fenders, are made of special, lighter materials, which, moreover, protect the body better with weak blows.

Ergonomics Clio Symbol is top notch. The center console is very convenient, and the steering wheel, adjustable as the driver's seat, in height, does not obscure the instruments. In the middle of the front panel there is a rather deep shelf where it is convenient to hold documents. The power window control buttons are located on the console near the gearshift lever.

By design, Clio Symbol is similar to the Clio II hatchback.

A few words about the luggage compartment of the car. Its volume is 510 liters, but it will not work to increase the usable area by folding the backs of the rear seats, they are rigidly fixed. It is noteworthy that the spare wheel is not located under the bottom, as in most French small car, but in the trunk under the rug.

The most dynamic version of the Clio Symbol is considered a modification with a 98-horsepower 16-valve 1.4-liter K4J engine. This power unit is a "relative" of the existing 1.6-liter K4M, but with a reduced piston stroke and is capable of accelerating the Clio Symbol to 186 km / h.

There is in the range of engines and another power unit - 75-horsepower 8-valve 1.4-liter K7J.

2007 Renault Clio Symbol (Kaldırıma ramak kala) / Hand Brake Drift

The newest engine in the Renault product line is currently installed only on the Clio Symbol. With him, the car has a maximum speed of 170 km / h and accelerates from zero to one hundred in 12 seconds.

The platform of the new Clio Symbol is completely different than its predecessor. The front suspension is assembled on a vibration-damping subframe, the rear one is semi-independent with trailing arms that are attached to the body through special bushings. The front brake disc, rear - drum.

Renault experts paid special attention to driver and passenger safety. Clio Symbol has excellent active and passive security systems. This contributes to a more rigid body structure. The central part of the floor of the car is made of thick sheet metal, and the side members are made of sheet steel, reinforced with elements of a shaped form. The thickness of the front part of the body sidewall has increased, the protective panel and central pillars of the sidewalls have increased.

The tear resistance device provides optimum support for the doors on the front pillar, thanks to which they keep their position in the same plane upon impact.

In addition, the car has an airbag (driver's side) and seat belts with pre-programmed pretension. The system is equipped with pyrotechnic devices with preload sensors. All this allows you to reduce the load on the chest from 1000 kilograms (in conventional security systems) to 600. If such devices do not seem effective enough to the owner, it is possible to install another airbag in the Clio for the passenger and АBS.

Especially for use in Russia, designers Renault improved the architecture of the front suspension, developed a fundamentally new design of the rear suspension with a flexible axle, increased ground clearance.

On the car can be installed and special equipment. To operate Renault in extreme cold you can get a more powerful generator and battery. For additional protection against corrosion, a car is offered in which the front panels and subframe are galvanized, the internal cavities of the body are sealed, and the bottom is treated with sealing mastic.

Renault gives a 6-year warranty on a body that has been multi-stage treated with anti-corrosion materials and galvanized, and therefore very reliable.

In the middle of 2002, the model was slightly modernized and became simply Symbol. The car has acquired an updated front with triangular headlights, new trim materials and a modified dashboard in a two-color solution (dark top, white bottom).

The line of power units was replenished with a 107-horsepower 1.6 16V engine and a 1.5-liter turbodiesel with 65 hp.

Renault Clio Symbol - an elegant car with good speed characteristics, decent layout, roomy trunk and an attractive price.

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