Renault 19

Renault 19 1.2RN JAZZ (1995)

In 1988, the Renault concern strengthened its position in the popular European class C, presenting a three- and five-door hatchback Renault 19. This car became the heir to the most successful technical solutions, the effectiveness of which was repeatedly tested during the operation of Renault 9/11. The main driving forces were gasoline engines with a working volume of 1.4 and 1.7 liters, as well as a 1.9-liter diesel engine.

Above the exterior design Renault 19 worked famous design studio Italdesing. In the late 80s, despite the angular design, the car looked very stylish.

The "rectangular" theme is also present in the interior design. Upholstery, instrument panel, center console, glove box cover - all angular. In the finish used inexpensive plastic.

The luggage compartment hatchback provides from 385 to 865 liters of usable space. Due to the low threshold of the rear door to use the trunk is very convenient.

The design of the car has its own highlights. First is the suspension. The front is the McPherson scheme that is familiar to small cars: compact, simple and inexpensive to maintain and repair. With such a suspension, the steering with a rack and pinion mechanism, which is used on the Renault 19, is well combined. Behind - an independent lever suspension with elastic elements in the form of transverse torsions.

Secondly, the engine, the elements of the front suspension and the steering mechanism are located on a separate rigid subframe, which ensures their minimum mutual deformation when driving in a turn and on uneven roads.

Both of these technical solutions provide the advantages of the Renault 19 in the form of the most spacious cabin in its class, a roomy trunk, excellent driving stability and good handling.

In the early 90s, the Renault 19 model range was supplemented with a sedan, which received its own name Chamade.

The capacity of the trunk of this model is 385 liters, with the rear seat folded down the volume of usable space increases to 1310 liters.

The driver's workplace is perfectly organized. The front seats make it comfortable for people to grow up to 190 cm tall, which is also facilitated by the adjustable steering column. The back seat is surprisingly quite spacious. Roomy glove box and all kinds of containers for small things will be useful both in everyday situations and for long journeys.

For Renault 19 is firmly established characteristic of the car of excellent build quality. It holds the road perfectly, and the rather precise steering work certainly adds to the driver confidence and increases active safety. You can also appreciate the convenience of using the Renault 19 in an urban setting, since the turning radius is small (11 m), on the more expensive versions, the steering is equipped with a power steering and the engines, even the most economical, are quite frisky.

Body Renault 19 as a whole, strong and reliable. Galvanized, and well resists corrosion. The bottom is almost smooth, all kinds of parts and piping are well hidden, which gives mechanics vitality on bad roads.

Since the start of production, Renault 19 has been equipped with carburetor and injection 1.4-liter engines of 60 and 68 hp. (with a double carburetor - 80 hp), 1.7-liter in 75, 90, 95 hp and an economical 1.9-liter diesel engine producing 64 hp.

The most prestigious and high-speed (215 km / h) version with a 135-horsepower 1.8-liter 16-valve engine (released from October 1990) was the Renault 19 GTI 16V / 16S with a three-door body and additional spellers.

In 1991, the Renault 19 Cabriolet appeared, which, despite its modest overall dimensions and the presence of a folding tent behind the seat, can accommodate up to five passengers. This version was made at the firm Karmann in Germany.

The trunk of this model is purely symbolic at 255 liters.

In 1992, it was time to upgrade the model. Headlights have become beveled, radiator lining - with one hole, bumpers - the color of the body. Engine power increased: 1.4 liters - up to 79 hp, 1.7 l - up to 73.91 and 94 hp, 1.8 l-up to 88.94 and 107 hp

In addition, a very economical (6.9 l / 100 km) 1.9-liter turbo diesel of 90 hp appeared.

The design of the brake system is simple: front - disc, rear - drum.

The total number of modifications Renault 19 for the entire time of production exceeded one hundred, and the number of cars exceeded three million. The model was popular not only in France, but also in other European countries. Even in the saturated German market, the Renault 19 did not turn out to be a stranger: in 1989, the Germans awarded him the title “Best-selling imported car”, which was kept after him for several years in a row.

In 1995, when Renault 19 was replaced by Megane in France, production was transferred to Turkey and to other Renault branches in many third-world countries. There the issue continued until 2002.

Renault 19 perfectly characterize such qualities as unpretentiousness, endurance, economy and reliability.

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