Pontiac montana

2005 Pontiac Montana SV6 1SB | P10781A

The full-size front-wheel minivan Pontiac Montana has been manufactured by General Motors since 1997. From the start of production to 1998, it was called the Pontiac Trans Sport Montana.

The 5-door body had dimensions of 5100/1830/1730 mm with a wheelbase of 3070 mm and a gauge of 1560/1610 mm. Vehicle curb weight - 1790 kg. Clearance was 165 mm. The number of seats in the spacious body ranged from 6 to 8. The maximum amount of luggage with folded seats reached 4380 liters.

The car was equipped with a gasoline engine V6 of 3.35 liters, power 186 hp / 5200 rpm and with a torque of 284 Nm / 4000 rpm. This engine has 4 valves per cylinder, central camshaft and distributed fuel injection. A minivan with such a power unit can accelerate to 190 km / h. Consumption of AI-91 in the city of 12.4 liters, on the highway of 9.1 liters and in the combined cycle - 11.2 liters per 100 kilometers.

The engine is aggregated with a 4-speed automatic transmission.

The front suspension was a combination of a transverse lever, a spring-loaded rack and a transverse stabilizer, the rear one consisted of twin transverse triangular levers, a transverse stabilizer and helical springs.

Front brakes are ventilated discs and rear brakes. The standard tire size is 215 / 70R15 or 225 / 60R16.

In 2002 was restyled. There were modifications with a wheelbase shortened to 2845 mm, as a result, the body length of 4755 mm, as well as with four doors instead of five. The maximum amount of luggage in such a car was still considerable 3765 liters. Began to release also all-wheel drive versions.

In 2004, the GM concern established a subclass of cars (Sport Mini-van Vehicle), and its first representative was the new Pontiac Montana SV6. Its release began in the first half of 2005. After 2006, minivan sales in the United States were discontinued due to low demand; the model is supplied exclusively to the Canadian and Mexican markets, although it is still being assembled at the modernized plant in Doraville (Georgia, USA) in parallel with the single-platform minivans Chevrolet Uplander, Buick Terraza and Saturn Relay.

The design and a number of design features puts the Montana SV6 closer to minivans than to off-road vehicles. Its 7-seater 5-door body is distinguished by a height increased to 1830 mm, and the interior, transformable like a minivan, with seven separate full-size seats with individual seat belts. This layout allows you to change the volume of the luggage compartment from 501 to 3865 liters (depending on the size of the wheelbase). Like the previous generation, models with a standard base (2870 mm) and extended for the Extended version (3077 mm) are available.

The car is equipped with engines LX9 3.5 liters capacity of 203 hp, and since 2007 - with the new 3.9-liter V6 12V LZ9 series (243 hp / 6000 rpm, 325 Nm / 4800 rpm). The maximum speed of the car with a motor of 3.9 l is 180 km / h, and it takes 11 seconds to disperse to a hundred. The consumption of AI-95 in the city is 13.1 l, on the highway 9.8 l, and in the combined cycle - 11.2 l. For the Canadian market only, LGD V6 engines with similar performance characteristics are supplied.

Motors are paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission. The all-wheel drive system Versatrak was borrowed for the Montana SV6 from the discontinued Aztek model.

The front suspension with MacPherson struts, the rear can be of two types: semi-independent spring on the trailing arms for the front-wheel drive version; independent with double wishbones - for 4WD. Tomoza and front and rear disc.

Montana SV6 received the highest scores on the results of impact tests conducted by the National Institute of Insurance, which solved the safety problem raised by the tests of the first generation Montana and caused a lot of criticism to the creators of the car.

The management of GM is planning to end the production of Montana SV6 and the closure of the plant in Doraville in 2009 due to unprofitability.

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