Peugeot 806

The premiere of the one-volume wagon Peugeot 806 increased capacity in a joint project of the U60 company FIAT and the concern PSA was held in 1994.

Peugeot 806 - a car with a transverse engine and front wheel drive.

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It can be both a good family car and a working truck. The model 806 harmoniously combines the classic forms of a minivan with the elegance and charm characteristic of Peugeot cars.

In addition to the excellent performance, the Peugeot 806 stands out with side moldings, pliable shock absorbers, remote control of the central locking of doors and fuel tank, plenty of electrical helpers for the driver and flawless ergonomics.

The main feature of minivans has always been considered the abundance of space. In the Peugeot 806 plenty of it in the cabin and in the luggage compartment. The cozy and comfortable cabin is easily transformed and can accommodate from 5 to 7 passengers. Minivan easily turns into a mobile office with tables or in a comfortable lounge for an overnight stay in transit.

At a high level of ergonomics driver's seat. The gear shift lever integrated into the front panel and the parking brake lever to the left of the driver facilitate movement inside the cabin between the first row seats. Easily dismantled and interchangeable seats make it easy to choose a convenient location and number of seats. The driver's seat is adjustable in height and is suitable for people 1.95 meters tall. It is the same as the passenger seat can be rotated 180 degrees.

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The assembly of the cabin is done very carefully, quality materials are used for the finishing. Trunk volume can reach 845 liters. It is noteworthy that due to the large hinged door, loading is very easy.

Sliding 6-door doors (the doorway width is 75 cm) not only facilitate the landing of passengers on the second and third row, but also do not interfere with parking in narrow places.

The line of power units is represented by a 90-strong turbodiesel and two 2-liter gasoline engines with 123 and 150 hp. Later, a 2.1-liter 12-valve turbo diesel engine with 109 hp was added to them.

All engines are aggregated with 5-speed manual gearbox. A 4-step hydromechanical “automatic” with a sequential switching mode is also proposed.

The body of the Peugeot 806 is made of two-sided galvanized sheet, and has a six-layer corrosion protection.

Peugeot 806 is presented in two versions: SR and ST. On the version that does not have air conditioning, installed a ventilation system and heating with manual control. The car is equipped with a built-in steering wheel radio.

To keep demand for their products at the end of 1998, they made a small restyling, changing first of all the design of the front of the car. However, the design of six years ago in 2000 looked already rather obsolete, and a year later Peugeot 806 was removed from production.

By the end of December 2001, the total number of 806 models produced and sold worldwide was 168,000.

Peugeot 806 is a great combination of functionality and comfort. Reliability, efficiency and high power, peculiar to Peugeot cars, fully embodied in the 806th model.

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