Peugeot 306


In the winter of 1993, a car with an index of 306 and a hatchback body appeared in the model range of Peugeot. By its size, the model got into the Golf-class, where it made a worthy competition to such cars as the Opel Astra, Ford Escort, Mazda 323.

The line of power units was presented: three petrol engines of 1.4 l / 75 hp, 1.6 l / 88 hp, 1.8 l / 101 hp and one turbo diesel 1.9 l / 92 hp

Six months later, the Peugeot 306 has an automatic transmission and an aspirated diesel 1.9 l / 69 hp.

In the autumn of 1993, the XSi version with a 2.0 l / 121 hp petrol engine was released. and the S16 version with a petrol 16-valve engine 2.0 l / 152 hp

Appears Peugeot 306 with a convertible body.

In fact, the Peugeot 306 S 16 is a road version of the rally Peugeot 306 Maxi. S 16 released only in the 3-door version. Equipped with a 6-speed gearbox and 5th generation ABS.

A year later comes the hatchback with a 5-door body. And the Peugeot 306 Cabriolet gets the title "Best Convertible 1994".

In 1995, the model range is replenished with the Peugeot 306 sedan. A new version of the torsion rear suspension appears with self-steering wheels in the direction of rotation, which significantly improved the stability of the car.

In 1996, they released a charged version of the GTi, equipped with a gasoline 16-valve engine, 2.0 l / 163 hp. and 6-speed gearbox.

In 1997, 4 years after the start of production, they restarted. There was a version of Break with a station wagon.

The car has become more elegant, the compact front part has acquired a dynamic look, the shape of the rear lights has changed.

Significant changes were made to the used construction materials, ensuring passive safety of the vehicle. In addition, the front and rear deformation zones absorbing the impact energy, double transverse roof beam, front airbags (previously installed on request) are provided in the body structure.

The appearance bears the imprint of French charm. The car turned out to be interesting, original, cute and extraordinarily attractive. Design team Peugeot helped the famous Italian studio Pininfarina.

The interior of the cabin is made in the same style as the body. Such a design solution allowed to create a holistic, self-styled car.

Seats with a soft middle and rigid sidewalls provide reliable fixation of the body, and at the same time allow you to feel very comfortable. Adjusting the driver's seat allows you to comfortably accommodate the driver of any height and build. Very useful and tilt steering wheel adjustment.

The dashboard is made in a rather trivial style: two large scales of a speedometer and a clock and two small ones - fuel gauges and coolant temperature indicators. Instrument readings are easy and convenient to read in any conditions.

In general, the interior of the cabin is well thought out, inside the Peugeot 306 is comfortable and convenient.

As for the arrangement of the model, then: all cars are equipped with an electronic anti-theft device built into the ignition key; the ventilation hatch is installed on request, starting with the XR modification; Fog lights are included in the basic package or are optional equipment; leather upholstery is available for 4 and 5-door versions of the XT, as well as for the sports version of the S16.

To facilitate control and more enjoyable driving, an automatic transmission was installed on some modifications.

The luggage compartment can be easily increased by folding the rear seat backrest. Peugeot 306 with a station wagon has a trunk of 442 liters, which can be increased to 1,512 liters.

In 2001, the production of Peugeot 306 was discontinued, replaced by a new model Peugeot 307.

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