Peugeot 106

230 KM / H ONBOARD || PEUGEOT 106 RALLYE 1.6L [CRAZY DRIVE POV] 0-100 Launch Control

The debut of the Peugeot 106, the smallest model of the French company, took place in 1991. First, the car was produced in the form of a 3-door hatchback, but already in 1992 a 5-door version appeared. The subcompact Peugeot 106 belongs to class B, has a transverse engine arrangement and a manual gearbox.

Comfortable, economical and reliable car was appreciated by the public and won many fans in Europe.

The compact dimensions of the front-wheel-drive Peugeot 106 (only 3.56 m long) make it possible to maneuver perfectly in heavy traffic and do not create additional parking problems.

The line of power units consisted of gasoline engines: 1124 cm ³ / 60 hp, 954 cm ³ / 50 hp, 1361 cm ³ / 75 hp, 1361 cm ³ / 94 hp

In 1992, the 5-door hatchback version received a diesel engine of 1361 cm³ / 50 hp.

In 1993, new petrol engines of 1294 cm³ / 98 hp appeared. and 1587 cm³ (88/103 hp) A year later, they are added to a new diesel engine of 1.5 liters / 57 hp.

In 1995, begin to install a 3-speed automatic transmission.

The interior is simple and unpretentious. Everything is very concise: there is no glove box lid, no cigarette lighter, no electric windows. The driver’s airbag has only been offered since 1995.

Back access even in the three-door Peugeot 106 is quite comfortable: when you recline, the front seat slides a little forward. But for the rear seat passengers got a little. Luggage compartment 215 liters in normal condition and 528 liters with the rear seat folded.

In April 1996, the model was upgraded. The appearance of the car has slightly changed, and a whole range of new power units have appeared under the hood.

The updated range of engines now consisted of: 1.1 l / 60 hp, 1.4 l / 75 hp, 1.6 l / 88 hp, 1.6 l / 101 hp , 1.6 l 16 cl. / 118 hp, diesel 1.5 l / 57 hp

A distinctive feature of the Peugeot 106 has become a careful assembly and high-quality paintwork, which preserves the good appearance of the car for many years.

The interior of the updated Peugeot 106 is very ergonomic. The front seats provide comfortable seating, sitting on them is quite comfortable due to good lateral support, and a large glass area provides good visibility.

Steering servo appeared. Driving a car has become simple and functional. For an additional cost, you can install an anti-lock system.

Several versions have been suggested:

XN - with very modest additional equipment

XR 1.1 - with the smallest fuel consumption of the entire range of 106-x with petrol engines

XRD - with central locking system and electric windows.

XS - 3-door version with a 1.6-liter engine in production since 1995

XSi - with the most powerful engine in the entire range of cars 106 series. It has good braking and beautiful interior.

However, since 1999, the demand for Peugeot 106 has seriously fallen. This is explained both by the entry of a large number of competitors to the market and by the fact that at the end of 1998 Peugeot introduced a new model 206, which lured away a significant part of customers.

In 2002, Peugeot released a limited edition Independence. Cars in this series are notable for the fact that they are painted in metallic in one of 5 colors, have an original interior design and power steering. In the role of the main driving force for this series is offered only one engine of 1.1 liters.

In 2003, the production of Peugeot 106 was discontinued. The Peugeot 106 receiver will appear in the fall of 2005, and will carry an index of 107.

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