Opel frontera

The world premiere of Frontera took place in 1991 in Geneva. The car is interesting because it is not completely German, but is a Europeanized version of the Japanese Isuzu Rodeo jeep. The first generation was almost completely identical to its Japanese ancestor. Changes affected only engines. The transmission is made in Japan, the engine in Germany (there are also Italian diesel engines from VM), and cars are assembled in England.

The first-generation Frontera was produced with two types of bodywork: a short three-door (Frontera Sport with removable panels above the rear seat and a Frontera Soft Top with a folding awning over it) and a long-basic five-door (Estate).

The range of engines is represented by petrol power units of 2.0 / 115 hp, 2.2 / 136 hp. and turbo diesel 2.5 / 115 hp

Brake mechanisms: in front - disk, behind - drum.

In 1995, the car was upgraded: in the rear suspension springs were replaced with springs, the lower tailgate flap began to fold not down, but to the side. It began to mount the spare tire, which previously lay in the luggage compartment.

The second generation Opel Frontera saw the light in 1998. The appearance of the SUV has not changed much. Note the falshradiator grille, elegant taillights, a more “manly” front bumper, podshtampovki on the sidewalls of the body and the original triangular side window on the short-base car Frontera Sport. It differs from the first smoother and rounded lines, which made the appearance of an SUV holistic and modern. Speakers to the exterior add dedicated wheel arches and configuration of the side windows. Opel experts have used a combination of tail lights with the ventilation vents of the cabin - a technique that is gaining popularity in the world of fashion design jeep.

In the range of power units occurred replenishment. There were 2.2-liter diesel and gasoline engines with direct injection and 3.2-liter gasoline V6. The most important novelty is the electronic system, which allows pressing the button to turn on and off four-wheel drive when the vehicle is moving at a speed of up to 100 km / h. For an additional charge on a car with any engine, you can now order an automatic 4-range transmission.

In comparison with its predecessor, the Frontera of the second generation is notable for improved handling both on the road and off-road. For example, the front and rear tracks became wider by 60 mm, a five-arm rear suspension appeared, and the length of the short version increased by 130 mm. All disc brakes.

Thanks to the updated power units, improved aerodynamics and additional sound insulation, the noise level in the cabin has significantly decreased.

Safety is ensured by two full-size front airbags and seat belt pretensioners. Height-adjustable head restraints added to the rear seats. As an option, you can order a central rear headrest for the five-door version of the car.

The luggage compartment impressive size 518 liters. If you fold the rear seats, the boot capacity will increase to 1,790 liters. Opens in two stages. First you need to raise the upper glass part, then move aside the swinging lower part of the door with a spare wheel.

Dashboard and other environments have undergone major changes. The display of the CARIN navigation system combining all sorts of functions - from a trip computer to a telephone directory. Since 1999, Frontera has become equipped with ABS.

The model range is replenished with modern versions of RS and Limited. From the 2001 model year, the Opel Frontera Sport Olympus version is available. The release of this model is timed to the 2000 Olympics.

In 2003, the production of the car Opel Frontera was discontinued. This is due to the fact that the car is outdated and not in great demand among buyers.

In 2006, Opel is planning to present a completely new SUV called the Frontera. The new generation will have nothing to do with the old, except for the name. The prototype of the SUV will be the concept car Chevrolet S3X on the platform Teta.

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