Opel antara

The concept of the Opel Antara GTC was introduced in 2005 at the International Motor Show in Frankfurt am Main (Germany).

Opel Antara 2007 year

The presentation of the serial car Opel Antara was held at the Paris Motor Show 2006.

2008 Opel Antara. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

Antara is Opel's firstborn in the crossover segment. The peculiarity of this model lies in the external compactness (4570 × 1850 x 1700) and at the same time sufficient internal space. Turning circle as much as 12.42 m.

The interior of the Opel Antara is noticeable in the style and elegance of a luxury sedan that blends perfectly with the outlines of the sports seats. The dashboard is ergonomic and designed for comfortable driver placement. The devices are “readable” well, the climate control knobs are comfortable, the symbolism is understandable. The steering column is adjustable in both height and reach.

A choice of two engines transverse arrangement, which have four valves per cylinder. Petrol V6 has a volume of 3.2 liters, 244 hp. and it is aggregated with an automatic transmission with the ActiveSelect function. Also in the lineup of the Opel Antara engines is a 2.4-liter four-cylinder gasoline engine with 141 hp. with two overhead camshafts and one balacier shaft.

The Opel Antara's smart all-wheel drive system combines the advantages of a front-wheel drive and all-wheel drive car. The transmission is controlled by a computer, taking into account the ABS and ESP signals, which makes it easier to drive a car and increases its safety. Opel Antara is equipped with automatic all wheel drive. The front wheels always receive torque, and it is fed to the rear axle when a frontal slip occurs. The decision is made by the electronics without the participation of the driver, the actuator is an electro-hydraulic clutch. The intelligent all-wheel drive system is called ITCC (Intelligent Torque Controlled Coupling). Recently, more and more manufacturers prefer the similar method of distribution of torque, refusing the scheme Full Time - permanent all-wheel drive with center differential.

Among other standard features of the Opel Antara, roll-over protection on steep turns and the Descent Control System (DCS) can be noted. The latter system allows Opel Antara to safely descend steep, slippery slopes at a constant speed.

Opel Antara 2007 year

Antara is equipped with such a technical innovation as the Flex-Fix system, which is a bike mount that slides out along with part of the rear bumper, license plate and brake lights. The company decided to give the new Opel Antara this new product, because the target audience of this crossover is active, fairly young people who love to ride bicycles and face the problem of their transportation. Flex-Fix system allows you to carry cargo weighing up to 40 kilograms.

In addition, the Opel Antara 2007 model year has a unique seating system Flex 7, which originally appeared in the Opel Zafira. Flex 7 is designed for convenience and frequent change of cabin configuration.

Antara has a twin brother - Saturn Vue. The difference is that the model under the brand Opel is assembled in Korea, and under the brand Saturn - in America.

In 2011, the company restyled the model. Improvements touched on both external and internal design, which was finalized taking into account the functionality. Exterior has not changed much. The manufacturer limited to installing new bumpers and slightly modified rear and front optics. A new grille with a large logo and a wide chrome strip was also installed. Clear lines of the body, embossed wheel arches, 19-inch alloy wheels, chrome handles, in-depth fog lights, side air intakes, roof bars - the individual style of the crossover is made up of many interesting elements.

Opel Antara Off-road 4x4 Test Drive in Deep Snow

With impressive dimensions and a 200-mm ground clearance, the car looks powerful and brutal. Spectacular crossover is also equipped with underrun protection at the back and front.

The internal design has also undergone a number of changes. New design appliances. The front panel has been modified and now has additional storage space. The interior uses new materials and color combinations, as well as elegant interior lighting. A high-quality leather finish is available as an option. By folding the rear seats, you can increase the amount of luggage up to 1,420 liters. Optionally, a folding front passenger seat is available. Model 2011 can be bought in several trim levels: Enjoy, Cosmo, Cosmo Premium and Cosmo Premium Plus. Each of them pleases with an abundance of technological solutions. In any configuration, the price includes the cost of the DCS system. The system is turned on by pressing a separate button. It helps the driver on the descent: mutes the engine when descending, "slows down the engine."

Opel Antara 2011 year

The completely redesigned engine range, including two diesel and one petrol version, complies with the Euro 5 environmental standard and guarantees a significant reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. Also, for this model, developed two versions of the new transmission - 6-speed manual and automatic.

As a result of the improvements, the 2.4-liter, petrol unit has become more powerful and can now develop 167 hp, which is almost 30 horses more than its previous modification. The 3-liter gasoline engine was replaced by a six-cylinder V-shaped 3-liter engine, which is installed on the top version of the Opel Antara. This engine is equipped with a direct fuel injection system and provides power equal to 264 horsepower. This engine only works with a six-speed automatic transmission.

For the Russian market will also be offered two versions of a 2.2-liter turbodiesel with different power characteristics - 163 and 184 liters. with., which is 36 and 34 horsepower more powerful compared with earlier versions of this engine. Both the diesel and petrol versions of the Antara 2011 are available with front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive and with manual or automatic transmission.

The electronically controlled all-wheel drive system combines all the advantages of front-wheel drive, such as, for example, low fuel consumption, with the advantages of all-wheel drive traction. Under normal conditions, the engine delivers power to the front wheels, but at the same time electronic control devices constantly monitor the actual driving conditions. If insufficient traction threatens to shift the front axle, the system smoothly redistributes power. Depending on the situation and external conditions, the power distribution range can be from 100% power to the front axle and up to 50% to the front and rear axles, as well as all possible intermediate options.

Opel Antara 2011 year

The car is also equipped with systems to improve safety and comfort. This includes a parking brake with an electromechanical drive, a help system when starting off when lifting, as well as a system that helps determine the moment of the best shift to a higher gear.

The extensive range of active and passive safety systems SAFETEC is responsible for protecting the driver and passengers. Standard set of side and front airbags. It is possible to deactivate the front and side airbags in the front passenger seat for attaching a car seat for children.

The standard ABS system has been enhanced with CBC features to increase safety when braking in a turn and with HBA brake force optimizer. The ESP stability control system works with the TC - slip prevention system.

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