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Opel Adam - a three-door hatchback for city life. He made his debut at the Paris Motor Show in the fall of 2012. In January 2013, its production began in Germany, the city of Eisenach. Named car in honor of the founder of the company Adam Opel.

Opel Adam 2012

The hatchback is built on a Corsa chassis shortened by 20 cm and has similar pendants: McPherson in front and elastic beam - in the back. By request for the car can establish the underestimated sports running gear. The length of the car is 3698 mm, width - 1720 mm, height - 1484 mm, and the size of the wheelbase is equal to 2311 mm Curb weight - 1135 kg.

Opel Adam is positioned as a competitor to such cars as the Fiat 500 and MINI One, but, unlike the latter, the German hatchback is not presented as a modern classic, but has an original design with the possibility of wide individualization of both the exterior and the interior.

Adam roof can have the same color as the car body. However, for a more contrasting effect, three roof colors are offered, which can be combined with any body color. The car has a wide grille and fender with an embossed Opel emblem. The headlights are equipped with daytime running lights (DRL).

Salon comfortably accommodate four people. Available in 3 configurations - Jam, Glam and Slam. So called design packages packages of various directions. The first option is designed for mods, the second option is aimed at those who prefer individuality, and the latter is aimed at lovers of the presence of a sports component in the car. But this is only the basic preparation for the construction of a truly individual machine. If desired, the buyer can order even such stylish things as, for example, the ceiling lighting in the form of a starry sky. The company assures that a wide choice of exterior and exterior paint colors, options for the design of wheels and color schemes for the interior will hardly allow us to find two absolutely identical cars on the street.

Opel Adam 2012

In total, the Opel Adam offers 31 types of different designs. At the same time, it is the only car that allows the consumer to choose the color of the wheels in accordance with individual tastes. Four primary colors are available inside the car - black, cocoa, purple and white. They combine 15 different seat designs, which also have a wide selection of materials and colors. In addition, there are 19 different sets of decorative panels on the dashboard and doors. These panels can be ordered separately. Of the 19 proposed panels, 11 are combined with the body color, 8 are covered with foil with decorative patterns, two of which have LED backlighting, creating a soft, glowing look that is absolutely unique in the automotive industry. This exclusive design element is combined with the ambient lighting package. As part of an ambient lighting package, you can select 8 different colors of light at the touch of a button. These are red and two amber tones, yellow, green, blue, ice blue and white.

At first, three four-cylinder engines of the ecoFLEX family will be offered for the compact. The base will be a 1.2-liter engine with a power of 70 hp, and as an alternative to it are available engines of 1.4 liters with a return of 87 and 100 forces. All of them are aggregated in a pair with five-step mechanics and are equipped with the "Start / Stop" system.

The manufacturer is not going to stop there, and it is possible that in the near future, the range of engines will be expanded with modern turbocharged engines. The appearance of the automaton is out of the question; in the near future, Adam will be equipped with six-speed mechanics.

The steering mechanism is equipped with an electromechanical amplifier, and its performance can be increased in the City mode, designed to maneuver in narrow places. Already in the base of the car is equipped with six airbags, a stabilization system, air conditioning and 16-inch wheels. Optional LED running lights, an automatic parking system, a multimedia system with a 7-inch color screen and 18-inch wheels.

In the UK, Adam is sold under the brand name Vauxhall.

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