Oldsmobile silhouette

2003 Oldsmobile Silhouette Premeir Review

GM launched the production of a family of spacious single-volume front-wheel-drive minivans with plastic bodies on a supporting aluminum frame in the summer of 1989. Immediately it is necessary to clarify the fact that Oldsmobile Silhouette had twin brothers - Pontiac Trans Sport and Chevrolet Lumina APV. All three cars differed only in the shape of the bumpers and trim elements. They were created as competitors to models like the Dodge Caravan and the Plymouth Voyager. Initially, of course, the concept car was introduced, and many were surprised that such a futuristic car reached the conveyor in almost unchanged form. The reaction of the public was stormy and supportive. The relatively compact size of the car, by American standards, in combination with economical V6 engines aroused genuine interest among potential buyers. Silhouette collected at the plant Tarrytown in New York.

Oldsmobile Silhouette

The car was available in seven local versions. The interior decoration fully meets all the requirements of the American market. First, comfortable headrests, armrests, cup holders, trays, footboards and other things absolutely necessary for a pleasant trip. Large interior space, elegantly decorated interior (leather, velor, tapestry) with a rear row of seats laid out on the table, a sliding side door of the passenger compartment - all the canons of minivans were observed. Here only visibility is limited by massive central and rear pillars with originally raised rear lights and arcs, framing the panoramic glass that was carried forward, giving this futuristic look to the whole car. Because of the huge front panel, the hood is completely invisible, and the side mirror area is not enough for a complete picture of the environment, so this creates certain difficulties when parking. True, helps high landing.

The time consuming transformation of the seats is offset by the result. If necessary, you can spend the night in the car a whole company. But the stock of luggage space with the seats spread out is only enough to carry a couple of boxes of soft drinks. In the cargo version and with the rear and middle rows of seats folded down, the useful volume of the trunk reaches 3185 liters.

In the role of the main driving force was the engine volume of 3135 cm³ with a capacity of 120 hp. The motor was aggregated with a 3-band automatic gearbox with a selector on the steering column. In 1992, the Oldsmobile Silhouette received a V6 engine with a capacity of 3800 cm³ and a power of 170 hp, which provided much better torque and acceleration, making the car the most high-speed minibus in production at the time. Along with the new engine, the 4-speed Hydra-Matic 4T60 automatic transmission was offered. Of the other changes in 1992, it is worth noting the increased brake discs (15 inches), the ABS system as standard. The radio antenna from the wing was moved to the salon. Side mirrors have noticeably increased in size and now can be folded. A hatch appeared in the options list.

Oldsmobile Silhouette

In 1994, General Motors to maintain sales Silhouette Silhouette has undertaken a significant cosmetic modernization, completely reworking the front part (shortening the overhang too long and introducing oval block headlights). To the plastic body there were many claims for strength, so now it has been made all-metal. The bodywork was developed in collaboration with the European subsidiaries Opel and Vauxhall. The possibilities of salon transformation have expanded. Particular attention was paid to improving visibility, to which there were so many complaints in Silhouette of the early years of release. For a better view, the front struts were made more vertical, while at the same time reducing their cross section and abandoning the small support post. Tinted rear windows got a darker shade than previously used. Driver's airbag has become standard equipment. The list of options was supplemented with built-in children's seats for the second row, rear shock absorbers with pneumatic pumping, and a sliding electric door with remote control. The main engine was a 3.4-liter 182-horsepower V6.

Since 1996, produced a new generation of cars called Silhouette. Motors 3.1 and 3.8 L V6 ceased to exist. Since 2002, it has been possible to install a Versatrek all-wheel drive on a minivan. In mid-2004, this model was discontinued.

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