Noble m400

M400 - a squat and wide car has a rigid spatial frame, on which panels of composite materials are hung.

2007 Noble M400 Start Up, Exhaust, In Depth Tour, and Test Drive

Built on the platform of the model M12 GTO-3, but has a more powerful engine. Under the hood, a 3-liter six-cylinder V-shaped Duratec engine produced by Ford, but Noble engineers managed to improve its performance thanks to a modernized turbo-charging system and changes in the injection unit. They equipped the M400 with an air-oil heat exchanger, installed indicators of temperature and oil level and turbine operation. With the help of two ceramic blades of a turbo-supercharging engine develops power of 425 hp and transmits a torque of 529 Nm to the rear wheels. The speed can reach 7200, and the increased air ducts divert the heated air from the engine. The power unit is paired with a six-speed transmission Getrag.

Noble M400

The maximum speed of the car, whose mass is 1060 kg, is 297 km / h. Up to 100 km / h M400 accelerates in 3.5 seconds. A quarter-mile (402 m) segment takes 11.4 seconds, managing to develop at the end of this distance over 210 km / h. The proportions of the car are also aimed at the speed limit modes: length - 4.089 m, width - 1.885 m, and height - 1.143 m. At the same time, the wheelbase is 2.438 m.

The car is built on a carrier spatial frame, welded from steel pipes of square and round cross-section. The engine and gearbox are mounted transversely to save space. The engine is located in the wheelbase immediately behind the seats.

Twin Turbo V6 Race Car - Test Drive Noble M400

The exhaust system and turbines are behind it, while the cooling system is located in front. Thanks to this arrangement, the length of the car only slightly exceeds four meters, and the weight distribution on the axes is ideal, almost 50/50, which provides excellent handling and maneuverability.

Noble M400

The interior features Alcantara trim, black jacquard covers on Sparco racing seats, an adjustable steering column, an engine start button, the "M400" emblem on a three-spoke leather steering wheel and a CD changer for 10 discs. The front seats are 15 mm shifted to the center: the designers took into account that the driver and the front passenger can be in special protective helmets and need more head space. Salon is extremely functional. In the overwhelming majority of supercars, the seats are firmly screwed to the floor. In the Noble M400, Sparco's hard-bucket sports seats can be moved back and forth and even tilted back. It is noteworthy that no means of passive safety, like air bags or curtains, are provided in Noble. In addition to the hard power frame, the cabs must save the four-point seat belts in case of an accident. On the M400 for the first time used the front safety arc.

All other "amenities" - anti-theft alarm system, air conditioning and CD changer - are put only for an additional fee. The car can be easily distinguished by the anthracite black alloy wheels and the same color as the wing posts.

“Snake” at any speed M400 is great, and all thanks to the excellent geometry of the suspension, high-end chassis settings, low center of gravity and small size. The adaptive independent suspension on dual A-arms lends itself well to the Nürburgring in Germany. Chassis settings can change the clearance of the car. The supercar relies on 18-inch alloy wheels, shod in Pirelli P-Zero Corsa tires with dimensions of 225/40 at the front and 265/35 at the rear. In addition, the model received a brake system with a pressure regulating valve, discs with a diameter of 330 mm, and four-piston calipers.

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