Noble m14

At the motor show in Birmingham in 2004, the British company Noble presented the model M14 - a sports car built on the basis of its predecessor Noble M12.

Test Drive Unlimited Delivering Noble M14

The whole project from the sketch to the real car took 8 months. Body - welded space frame of steel pipes of rectangular section and lightweight exterior panels of the composite. In the M14, 95% of the units and assemblies of the M12 model are used, from which he also borrowed a 2.4 meter wheelbase. However, the length of the car itself is somewhat more - 4267 mm (+178 mm), width - 1935 mm (+50 mm). Weight about 1150 kg. The front and rear deformable zones were able to "fit" into the power structure of the body, a developed safety cage appeared (in case of a tipping over) and even amplifiers in the doors. There was a place for two small trunks: one compartment is located in front, and the second - behind the engine.

Noble M14
The exterior design in the spirit of modern fashion combines circles and smooth curves with corners and flat surfaces. The impetuous profile is originally supplemented with a sharp tail section, curved glass looks particularly good.

The cabin has more space: 30 mm of legroom and 20 mm more space for the driver’s head (data compared to M12). The armrests are made with rubberized elements to prevent slipping. Seats are covered with leather. Unlike its competitors, the M14 is richly equipped with: electric windows, heated mirrors and electric drives, air conditioning, central locking and alarm systems, heated rear windows, an on-board computer and, for an extra charge, a navigation system and an adjustable tilt steering column. In addition, in order not to distract the driver from the control process, the buttons with audio control and navigation system functions are placed right on the steering wheel.

Noble M14 VS Noble M400 Top Gear Live 2011 Drag race

Air ducts are bordered with aluminum. Almost all surfaces in the cabin are finished with high-quality materials. And the remaining space, as, for example, on the central tunnel, is covered with panels painted in body color. The instrument lighting changes its color, from bluish when the engines are idling to red when the car comes to the end of the rev range. On the floor - soft fleecy carpets (80% natural wool).

Noble M14
Behind the seats is a three-liter V6 engine, equipped with two turbines. 90% of the moment is issued already at 2750 rpm. Power is 400 hp at 6100 rpm, and the maximum torque reaches 522 Nm at 4750 rpm. The engine is coaggregated with a 6-speed manual gearbox. M14 accelerates to 100 km / h in just 4.3 seconds. The maximum speed is 305 km / h. The braking system is taken care of by a braking system with discs with a diameter of 330 mm, which are hidden behind 18-inch wheels with 235/40 tires in front and 295/35 in the rear.

Noble M14 has become more secure than M12 - reinforcing elements are mounted in the door. M14 uses a dual suspension of its own design, progressive springs and lightweight alloy shock absorbers. This is done to reduce unsprung weight.

Representatives of the company positioned the Noble M14 as a car capable of competing with the legendary Porsche 911.

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