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Driving The Noble M12 GTO 3R #TBT - Fifth Gear

The predecessor of the Noble M12 was the pre-production model M10, produced since 1999 and developed by the famous designer of the British Formula 1 cars Lee Noble, who has nearly twenty years of experience in engineering sports cars.

Appeared in 2000, the model Noble M12 surpassed all its competitors. Famous world automotive publications awarded her prestigious titles. The queue for a new sports car stretched for six months, and still customers were ready to wait.

The Noble M12 was built outside the UK. Lee Noble himself was engaged in the design and development of design, including the interior, and one of the South African companies with a total number of employees only 150 people embodied these plans. In England, cars arrived in a disassembled state, and at the plant in Barwell (Leicestershire) they were assembled again, installed the engine and gearbox, and also set up and adjusted the suspension. Three versions of the Noble were released: the M12 GTO, the M12 GTO 3 and the M12 GTO 3R.

Curb weight of the car is 1050-1080 kg, depending on the installed motor. Low weight in relation to engine power gives a very good result, which largely affects the excellent dynamics of the model.

The exterior of the Noble M 12 GTO is stylish, a real sport car with a huge rear wing and has some similarities with the Lotus models: Exige and Esprit V8. Landing - disembarking is more convenient than in other vehicles of this type and does not impose strict requirements on the build and growth of the driver. The sports interior, trimmed with velor and aluminum inserts, is functional and quite comfortable. Branded bucket seats and 2-inch four-point seat belts are comfortable and firmly secure the body. Power steering with adjustable height and reach. The salon is equipped with an audio system and air conditioning, as options - power accessories and central locking with alarm. Behind the seat backs, even in the extreme position, there is room for luggage, which is an indispensable attribute of GT cars.

The chassis design has remained almost the same as in the Noble Ultima sports car: space frame, covered with aluminum panels; the engine is one of the elements of rigidity and is located in the base, and around the perimeter of the cabin is a frame made of pipes, which is also an element of safety. The words of the creator of the Noble M12 that he has a well-developed sports car production technology have become widely known, and he is no longer going to spend money on participating in races, as he has already proved everything. "My previous models feel confident on the racetrack, and the basis of their design continues to live in models of Noble," - said Noble. And indeed it is.

The Noble M12 used three variants of Ford's Duratec engines. Model M12 GTO was equipped with a 2.5-liter V6 engine with two Garrett T25 turbochargers. The power of such an engine is 310 hp, and the maximum torque reaches 435 Nm at 5530 rpm. Acceleration to 100 km / h takes only 4.5 s; the same performance is for the 380-strong Porsche 911 GT3, and for the BMW M Coupe roadster with a 325 hp engine. the result is worse by almost a second. The maximum speed is limited to 250 km / h.

The same power units were installed on the M12 GTO 3, but with a larger volume - 3-liter capacity of 344 hp.

Noble M12 GTO 3R (produced since 2003) is an improved version of the GTO: increasing the volume of the motor allowed to raise power up to 365 hp, and torque - up to 520 Nm. Power density is 372 hp / t. Up to 97 km / h (60 mph) the car accelerates in 3.8 seconds, and the maximum speed reaches 274 km / h. The transmission has a limited slip differential and a 6-speed gearbox. The design of the GTO 3R is more modern head optics, which made the appearance of the car even faster.

On M12 mounted mechanical cam 5 - and 6-speed short-stroke gearboxes. Lee Noble fundamentally avoided equipping their sports cars with electronics and all sorts of modern systems that simplify driving, but do not allow them to fully enjoy it. Noble embodied his credo “car for the driver” in M12.

Brake calipers 4-piston firms AR Racing provide effective braking at any speed; standard tire size is 225/40 ZR18 at the front and 265/35 ZR18 at the rear. The car due to the clearance of 120 - 130 mm (depending on the version) and a completely flat bottom is suitable for use on public roads.

Due to the balance of the chassis design, the excellent performance of the double-lever suspension and the sharp steering in motion, the Noble M12 is characterized by excellent handling and directional stability. Lovers of high-speed driving Noble M12 provides driving pleasure, and in use, these cars are practical, reliable and relatively simple.

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