Nissan x-terra

In 1999, the department of Nissan Motor America introduced the original stylish SUV X-Terra, created on the platform of a pickup truck Frontier.

The car was created specifically for sports and outdoor enthusiasts.

In 2002, its appearance was radically changed: numerous plastic elements appeared, including a grille integrated with round headlights.

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The main structural elements were directly borrowed from the Frontier, for example, a sturdy spar frame, torsion bar front suspension and a rigid axle with springs at the rear.

The body of the X-Terra is planted significantly higher in comparison with the Pathfinder. And the front and rear overhangs of the novelty are noticeably shorter. Therefore, leaving the asphalt, the driver can be absolutely sure of the off-road qualities of his car. Due to the fact that the bumper is not painted, the front part and the edges of the wings are lined with plastic, the body rests on a powerful frame, and the rear spring suspension easily carries heavy loads, you can ram the crust, drive through the bush and attack the rocky embankment. In a word, to do everything that drivers of many other SUVs are afraid to do for fear of spoiling the appearance of the car.

We note the extraordinary stability of the X-Terra, the secret of which lies in the complex anti-roll bar.

The interior of the car is very modest, but all the most necessary, of course, is present. But in its appearance X-Terra is inimitable. It is full of flashy and unusual details. For example, the mysterious bulge in the fifth door, where the first-aid kit is hidden, an asymmetrical rear window or the unusual shape of the rear door windows.

Separate attention deserve luggage compartments. The upper trunk is designed specifically for skis, snowboards and other sports equipment. The high roof of the car allows you to carry a mountain bike in the trunk, for which special mounts are provided. In the interior design is actively used material that imitates aluminum, from which the center console and the instrument panel framing are made. The scales themselves are placed in a kind of wells, which gives the interior a sporty character. Several optional packages are also provided, including a leather-covered steering wheel and gear selector, a large electric sunroof, a self-locking rear differential, VDC with anti-skid system, etc. The driver's position is perfectly adapted to the sporty driving style, the key to which is a low fit and almost vertical steering wheel.

In the basic version, the X-Terra is equipped with a manual gearbox, if desired, an automatic gearbox is possible.

For the 2003 model year, there were three petrol engines: 2.4 liter R4 and 146 hp, and two versions of the 3.3-liter V6 - 173 hp.

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or 210 hp, with a mechanical compressor (performance MKM - for 4-speed automatic transmissions). In addition, ABS, the new instrument panel, and the powerful 100-watt stereo system with 8 speakers are included in the options list.

In 2004, Nissan introduced the second generation of the X-Terra SUV. The car is built on a new platform and occupies a unique niche between medium and full-size models of SUVs. The basis of the new X-Terra is an upgraded chassis of a full-sized Nissan Aramada.

Significantly increased the size of the car. The wheelbase has become five centimeters longer than the first generation. In front of the X-Terra used independent suspension, and the rear - a classic spring. Such a decision not only positively affects the comfort of passengers, but also gives the SUV excellent cross-country ability.

Off-road orientation of the new X-Terra is emphasized throughout. The car has a high ground clearance, all-wheel drive transmission with a number of gears down and an electronic control of the distribution of traction. Although for those who wish is available and monoprivodnaya modification. The main driving force is a four-liter 250-strong V6 with a variable valve timing system, a modification of a 3.5-liter engine, familiar from the Nissan 350Z, Nissan Altima and Nissan Maxima models. The buyer will be able to choose between a 6-speed manual transmission or a 5-speed automatic transmission.

Off-the-ground features of the novelty are supported in the design of the Nissan X-Terra. A massive front part with a powerful front bumper and integrated protection, a monolithic grille and stylish rolls on the roof - all this gives the SUV a solid and quite aggressive look. At the same time, the novelty boasts a comfortable and spacious interior, which has a set of transformation options, sufficient for almost any purpose.

The basic equipment of the Nissan X-Terra includes ABS, electronic brake force distribution system, brake-assist system, front airbags for the driver and front passenger and 17-inch wheels. For an additional fee, you can order side airbags and ESP system.

Production of the new Nissan X-Terra will begin in 2005.

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