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2018 Nissan Versa SV | Review, Tour, Exhaust, Acceleration

The reality of the modern world is such that for comfortable movement in a metropolis it doesn’t hurt to have a compact car in your garage that uses fuel economically and is best suited for traveling along crowded city streets. In the model range of Nissan there is a car that meets these requirements - this is the Nissan Versa.

The debut of the model took place at the Detroit auto show. The car is a North American version of the Tiida hatchback sold in Japan (Tiida Latio sedan). According to analysts, the withdrawal of this model on the American market once again suggests that this car gets a world registration and may soon appear in Europe.

The compact 4-door hatchback (later a sedan model joins it) has a fairly spacious and stylish interior, an attractive dashboard design, high quality materials, a wide choice of options, a spacious rear seat that can be folded, thereby increasing the luggage compartment to 1 43 m³

The front part of the Versa is made in a new style of Nissan, unusual headlights draw attention to themselves. Calm, traditional lines dominate the rear. The interior is conservative, but stylish and elegant. Only high-quality materials are used in the decoration, everything is done with maximum attention to detail.

Available in two versions: Versa 1.8 S and Versa 1.8 SL. Model 1.8 S base. It is equipped with air conditioning, rear wiper, CD player; rear seat is folded against. Power windows and heated mirrors - options.

Model 1.8 SL is more attractive. It is equipped with cruise control, CD / MP3 / stereo, 15-inch alloy wheels, auxiliary input jack and remote key. Options for the Versa 1.8 SL include the Sport package, a panoramic sunroof, more modern speakers and satellite radio.

The front-wheel Versa is equipped with a 4-cylinder engine of 1.8 liters and 122 hp. The car is positioned as an economical (you can drive 38 miles on one gallon). Standard transmission - 6-speed manual. As an option for the 1.8 S is offered a 4-speed automatic transmission, and for the 1.8 SL - continuously variable.

Nissan Versa comes standard with front airbags built into the seats, side airbags and a tire pressure sensor. ABS, emergency braking and satellite radio options.

Washington Insurance Institute for Road Safety conducted a study of compact cars. It is noteworthy that the highest score received equipped with standard airbags Nissan Versa, which showed the best results in frontal, rear and side collisions.

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