Nissan tiida

Nissan Tiida is designed to fill the gap between the Note and Qashqai.

2008 Nissan Tiida. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

The model is available in two bodies: hatchback and sedan. Its main feature is a high roof, providing a larger internal volume without increasing the size. Designers managed to combine traditional forms with current design trends. Tiida car for those who prefer modern classics. The hatchback is not devoid of charm and looks harmoniously both from the front - here the attention is attracted by the Nissan corporate grille and elongated headlights, and from the rear, where the combination of the fifth door and the lights crawling on the rear wings looks quite nice.

Nissan tiida

By the way, the Tiida was built on the Note platform, although in terms of dimensions it is significantly larger than this model. Despite the same wheelbase of 2600 mm, the length of the Tiida exceeds the Note by 212 mm (4205 mm), by 5 (1695 mm) in width, but the height of the hatchback is 15 mm (1535 mm) lower. And there will be a much-loved sedan in Russia, which is 179 mm longer than the hatchback.

Due to the elongated base (2600 mm) and a high roof, it was possible to create a salon that is not inferior in volume to the competitors of the “D” segment. Salon Tiida longer than salons Opel Vectra and VW Passat. For more functionality in the hatchback, the rear seats can move forward / backward within 240 mm, increasing the amount of luggage compartment. He is the way, is 272 liters in the event that the seat as much as possible pushed back, and 463 liters, if the backrest folded. The sedan does not move the rear seat cushions, but its trunk is also large - 467 liters. In addition, in the sedan backrest can be folded.

The front seats, and this was especially emphasized by the designers, are the widest in the class. And, coupled with a large range of adjustments are able to guarantee a comfortable fit behind the wheel of a driver with a growth above average. The arrangement of the bodies is done correctly in terms of ergonomics. The protruding center console is massive, it has an audio system, and in the top versions there is also a control unit for some functions of the onboard computer, as well as a color monitor. The steering wheel is typically Nissan - 3-spoke, adjustable only in height. Pleases volume glove box. Many compartments for storing all sorts of little things. The materials are of good quality: the fabric inserts with an interesting texture look nice and cozy at the door. Plastic is not hard, front struts are trimmed with soft material. In general, the interior is typical of the latest generation of Nissan cars.

Nissan tiida

Acoustic comfort in the cabin is provided at a good level. The merit of this is not only good sound insulation, but also special design solutions: elastic fastening of the front subframe, spring dampers, shock absorbers, reducing roll in corners, etc.

Electric power steering system that changes the degree of amplification depending on the speed. At low speeds, the steering wheel is light, which helps active maneuvering, and with increasing speed, as expected, it is noticeably heavier. The suspension design is traditional: McPherson-type front suspension and semi-independent with a torsion beam at the rear. Found a good balance of softness, providing a feeling of comfort on a rough road, and the stiffness necessary for the suspension to withstand the fight against defects in the coating without excessive heels and buildup. The engineers managed to find a good compromise between comfort and handling.

For Tiida two petrol engines are offered. 1.6-liter engine and 110 hp with a block of aluminum alloy is used on the Note, and the 1.8-liter 126-horsepower engine is new, although it has the same layout: in-line "four", four valves per cylinder, control of timing, multi-point injection.

There is a diesel version of 1.5 liters (105 hp), but it will not be delivered to Russia.

Together with a 1.6-liter engine, a 5-speed manual gearbox or a 4-band “automatic” works, which significantly reduces the dynamic capabilities of the car. The most powerful engine is aggregated with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Nissan tiida

If desired, you can order a car with satellite navigation, climate control, xenon, wireless mobile phone connection, cruise control, leather interior, electronic key, automatic headlights and windshield wipers.

The roots of the name of the model "Tiida" are in the Japanese dialect, where this word means "changeable tide". The car is focused on modern, active buyers who need comfort, space in the cabin, ease of use and rich technical equipment.

2011 Nissan Tiida Hatchback

The model has already gained popularity in the markets of Japan and the United States (sold in the United States under the name Versa). Tiida is produced at the Civac plant in Mexico, owned by Nissan.

In early March 2015, Nissan introduced the second-generation Tiida hatchback, which, according to the manufacturer, was created specifically for the Russian market. Production of the car started at the AvtoVAZ plant in Izhevsk, where its sister sedan Sentra is already being produced. It is worth noting that in Europe the model Tiida is sold under the name Nissan Pulsar, in Russia they decided to use a more familiar name for our customers.

The car was given a bright and moderately sporty appearance. The front part is distinguished by a compact V-Motion radiator grille with the letter "V" in the center and stylish head light optics, which in expensive versions have full LED fill. Complements the image of a spectacular bumper with a large air intake.

The dynamic silhouette of the second-generation Tiida exposes a short sloping hood, a roof falling down to the stern and a window-sill line sharply rising to the rear, accentuated by the elegant curves of the metal on the sides. The hatchback’s “family” identity can also be seen in the design of the stern: a neat trunk lid, topped with a small spoiler, large ceiling lamps of LED lights and a raised bumper with black plastic overlay at the bottom.

Nissan tiida

Tiida II appears in the popular "golf" class, as evidenced by the overall dimensions of the body on the outer perimeter: 4387 mm in length, 1533 mm in height and 1768 mm in width. The wheelbase of the hatchback is 2700 mm, and the ground clearance is adapted to the Russian reality - 155 mm. The boot capacity is 307 liters, and when the backrest of the back sofa is folded, the compartment increases to 1,319 liters. By the way, the rear seats fold flush. A large rear door makes the car very practical.

The interior of the 2015 Tiida is unified with the Sentra sedan, and its features include high-quality trim materials and an increased usable space. According to the manufacturer on the second row of seats can comfortably accommodate three adult passengers, and the driver is available armrest with adjustable position. The three-spoke steering wheel has a stylish design and in all versions, without exception, places on itself some control functions. Information devices with white digitization on a dark background look attractive and are well read.

The central console places on itself the color display of the multimedia complex Nissan Connect, the diagonal of which is 5.8 inches, as well as the modern “microclimate” control unit with two coverage areas. But this is in the "upper" configurations, the owners of the basic version will have to be content with a deaf plug and three "twists" of the conventional heating and ventilation system, and intermediate versions with a standard radio with a monochrome display and air conditioning.

For interior trim and upholstery manufacturer used high-quality materials. The metallic inserts on the steering wheel and center console look attractive. In the top trim seats upholstered wear-resistant leather.

Nissan tiida

For passengers of the first row, optimally shaped seats are offered with a wide range of adjustments and a large supply of space. Due to the solid wheelbase, the rear passengers will not exactly complain about the lack of space - it is enough on all fronts for three people.

Under the hood, the Nissan Tiida II is installed on the Russian market for a single gasoline engine with a displacement of 1.6 liters and 117 hp. (158 Nm of torque). This is a 4-cylinder inline 16-valve engine with an aluminum cylinder block and a chain in the timing drive. This power unit was developed by the Renault-Nissan Alliance back in 2005. The motor is paired with a 5-step mechanics, or with a continuously variable CVT Xtronic CVT. "Mechanical Tiida" razmenivaet first 100 km / h in 10.6 seconds, the machine with a variator, this process takes 0.7 seconds more. The limit of opportunities is fixed at 188 km / h and 180 km / h, respectively. Regardless of the gearbox, the average fuel consumption in mixed mode is 6.4 liters per hundred kilometers.

Tiida II is built on the platform of the Nissan V-Platform. The front axle is attached to the body through the classic MacPherson struts, the rear axle is suspended on a torsion beam. All four wheels of the hatchback are equipped with disc braking devices, with front ventilated discs installed. All versions of the Japanese pyatidverki relies electric power steering.

The car is available in seven trim levels - Welcome, Comfort, Elegance, Elegance Plus, Elegance Connect, Elegance Plus Connect and Tekna. Welcome equipment includes two airbags, an on-board computer, ABS, ESP stability control, power windows for all doors, audio equipment, heated exterior mirrors with electric drive, a multi-wheel and steel wheel rims with decorative caps. Grade Comfort received air conditioning, heated front seats and a full-time musical installation. The top version of Tekna includes dual-zone climate control, side airbags, a multimedia complex with navigation and a rear-view camera, cruise control, keyless entry systems and engine start with a button, light and rain sensors, fully LED front lighting optics, combined interior trim and alloy wheels by 17 inches.

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