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2011 Nissan Teana J32. 2.5 CVT. Start Up, Engine, and In Depth Tour.

Nissan Teana has been sold in Japan since 2003, Russia has become the fifth market in the world after Japan, China, Taiwan and Singapore, and the first and only one in Europe where this car will be presented. This decision of the manufacturer is easy to explain with success in the Russian market of the predecessor Teana - Nissan Maxima. The progenitress has been produced for 20 years, but in recent years has begun to lose popularity. To restore the position in business class and on equal terms to compete with such giants as Volvo S-80, BMW 5 Series, Audi A6, Toyota Camry, it was decided to introduce to the market a new model - Teana. Separately, it is worth noting the fact that the car has passed a special adaptation under the Russian conditions of operation.

For reference, Maxima continues to be produced, but only for the US market. Moreover, the Teana chassis design is unified with the American Maxima version of the last (fourth) generation.

The features of the Teana are a comfortable lounge, a modern luxurious interior, an unusual design, a rich equipment and an excellent dynamic performance characteristic of a car of this class. The model embodies the advanced technology of Nissan. It is designed for people who value comfort and status in a car.

Stylish chrome grille and large blocks of front headlights make the appearance of the car memorable. Elegant fog lamps embedded in the front bumper add prestige to the overall appearance of the sedan. The hood line passes through the entire length of the car and smoothly passes into the trunk line. Powerful contours of the wings, large wheel arches, as well as chrome trim elements of the body give the car solidity. Elements such as rear LED lights (LED technology), smooth luggage compartment lines, two tailpipes with chrome trim, and chrome tailgate elements play an important role in creating a sense of design integrity.

The wide wheelbase provides a comfortable space for passengers in the cabin, and in combination with short overhangs of the body gives the appearance of the car speed and allows you to achieve better handling and maneuverability. The luxurious design of 17-inch alloy wheels underlines the high status and makes Teana worthy of the business class cars.

In the top versions of the Nissan Teana uses a convenient modern system Intelligent key (chip key) allows you to lock and unlock the doors and tailgate locks, as well as start the engine without removing the key from the bag or pocket, just turn the special handle under the steering wheel.

You can choose from the following engines: 3.5 liter V6 / 245 hp with a variator, 2.3 l / 173 hp, 2.5 l / 160 hp with variable valve timing system for all-wheel drive version and a 2.0 liter capacity of 136 hp For all engines (except the most powerful), an automatic 4-speed gearbox is provided; for a 3.5 liter engine, the XTRONIC CVT-M6 is a continuously variable variable-speed drive with manual shift capability (six fixed gear ratios).

The brake system of the car Teana has an auxiliary system of emergency braking Nissan and electronic brake force distribution system (EBD). The auxiliary Nissan emergency braking system increases the braking force when the brake pedal is not pressed sufficiently, while the EBD system provides more efficient and balanced braking by redistributing the braking forces in the rear wheel mechanisms when the load on them changes.

The car can be equipped with bi-xenon headlights with an adaptive lighting system AFS (Adaptive Front Lighting System): during the turn, they additionally highlight the side of the turn, which significantly increases the illuminated viewing area. Fog lights built into the front bumper allow you to confidently assess the situation on the road in any weather.

Depending on the equipment, options such as the front passenger seat with massage function and additional support for the legs (Ottoman seat), rear seats with two-level heating, a radio control panel, heated and electric curtains in the back seat, etc. are available to the buyer.

The model has a sophisticated interior. Inside is spacious and cozy. In the design of the cabin used only high quality materials. Metal inserts on the center console and gear selector knob in combination with chrome-plated inner door handles add luxury and chic. The front seats with adjustable in 8 directions and electric drive will allow the driver and passenger to sit comfortably in the cabin. The memory function of the driver’s seat settings allows you to memorize and automatically restore individually set parameters. A comfortable stylish steering wheel fits well into the interior, but is regulated only up and down, the ability to adjust it on the flight, no. The leading role in the interior design belongs to an effective instrument panel decorated with wood.

There are four trim options: a refined leather interior or a cozy velor in black or beige. The body color palette consists of 6 colors: blue pearly metallic, sapphire black, metallic silver, white, golden and gray.

The modern climate control system Teana has two independent zones, which allows the driver and front passenger to individually set the air temperature for themselves.

The design of the suspension Nissan Teana is optimized for maximum comfort and excellent directional stability. Racks MacPherson in the front suspension and multi-link rear suspension absorb road surface irregularities and provide precise steering.

Safety is ensured by the presence of six airbags SRS - two front and two side airbags, as well as two inflatable window curtains, which increases the overall level of security for both front and rear passengers. The side airbag SRS protects the passengers' chest in the event of a side collision. The SRS inflatable window curtain protects the passenger's head from impact.

The car is very easy to drive due to the minimum turning radius of 5.7 m and the shape of the hood, which provides the driver with good visibility and sense of the size of the car.

A new generation of Nissan Teana entered the Russian market in early June 2008. The car is built on the Renault-Nissan D-platform of the alliance, on which such cars as the Nissan Altima, Nissan Maxima and the second generation Murano crossover are also based. The new sedan looks much more expressive than its predecessor. He looks more muscular and gorgeous. Overall dimensions have not changed significantly - the body has become 30 mm wider and 5 mm longer, and the height remains the same. The front of the body has changed beyond recognition. The shape of the headlamps is somewhat reminiscent of the 350Z coupe. A large grille and a mighty bumper with foglights look impressive and solid. The back part began to look more elegant and lighter, primarily due to the relatively small lamps, equipped with LEDs.

Thanks to the long wheelbase, the Teana gives a feeling of spaciousness. Comfortable space is provided by well-thought-out ergonomics and the most flat floor. The interior design is dominated by wavy elements. The center console with built-in audio system is tilted forward to the passengers, and is designed in the style of home high-end audio equipment. Made from soft plastic, the front panel is divided into two parts by a horizontal inset of wood. The tunnel between the driver and the front passenger is also trimmed with wood. Sound insulation has noticeably improved.

Seats provide a great fit and support. The front passenger seat, as in the previous generation, is equipped with a retractable footrest Ottoman, adjustable by means of an electric drive. The wide center armrest of the rear seats is equipped with an audio unit, climate control and a rear window curtain.

The line of power units for the Russian market is represented by two engines: 2.5-liter V6 with 182 hp. and a 3.5-liter V6 with a capacity of 249 hp. In both cases, in the role of transmission, the Xtronic-CVT variator, which was thoroughly worked on, reduced the rate of transition from one range to another by 30%.

In February 2013, the third generation Nissan Teana was introduced in China. The car received a new design, functional and elegant interior, high-quality equipment, improved technical characteristics. Since January 2014, the model has been produced at the St. Petersburg plant, in the village of Kamenka.

Compared to its predecessor, the new generation sedan has grown in size - its overall length has grown to 4,863 mm (+13 mm), the width has increased 35 mm - to 1,830 mm, and its height is 1,486. The size of the wheelbase remains the same - 2,775 millimeters, but the amount of luggage was reduced from 488 to 436 liters. Despite the increased dimensions, the car has become lighter by 54 kg - all thanks to more extensive use in the construction of high-strength steels and aluminum. The car weighs from 1 482 to 1 603 kg depending on the configuration.

The basis of the Nissan Teana 2014 was an upgraded platform from its predecessor with the same McPherson struts in the front, but with a completely new multi-link suspension at the rear. In the power structure of the body appeared the connection of the upper supports of the front suspension and an additional amplifier built into the rear shelf. This has increased the rigidity of the body and make the response to management more accurate. Electronic assistants for the brake system are Brake assis, EBD and ABC with disc mechanisms.

Creating a new generation of Teana, the designers of the brand did their best and were able to add to the look of the once boring car externally of the charisma and dynamics that the predecessor lacked so much. This was achieved largely due to the appearance of the shoulder line on the sides of the body and the new front end, which received a large trapezoidal grille in a chrome edging with corners diverging upwards. The solidity of the large body emphasizes the impressive front bumper with foglights and an aerodynamic skirt. Bulging wheel arches give the appearance of aggressiveness. The spectacular design of the rear LED lights echoes the shape of the headlights. The manufacturer offers seven options for body color: black, blue, brown, beige, dark gray, silver, white mother of pearl.

Salon Teana 2014 developers invented and redrawed anew. For finishing the interior they began to use better and more expensive materials, such as wood, leather, carpet, soft textured plastic. Also changed all the controls and interior details. The sedan was a multifunctional steering wheel, completely replaced the center console and dashboard. The dashboard was also modified with a 4.2-inch color screen. It can reflect navigation maps, trip computer data, a rear-view camera image, and other necessary information. The advanced multimedia system Nissan Connect, which is installed in the top trim levels, is equipped with 7 and 5 inch displays.

In an effort to reduce driver fatigue on long journeys, Nissan used the experience of NASA (US National Aeronautics and Space Administration) to work on seat design and driving positions. According to NASA, the least fatigue is achieved in the position as close as possible to the "natural posture" - the one that takes a person's body in a relaxed state under weightless conditions. Thanks to the new form and support of the human body along the entire spine line, the zero-gravity seats of the new Nissan Teana help reduce the load on the muscles and spine and improve blood circulation, which in turn reduces fatigue and allows you to stay behind the wheel for longer and not get tired. The chairs of the first row are equipped with heating and electric adjustment, in addition - ventilation.

The Japanese improved not only the sound insulation of the engine compartment, thanks to the comprehensive improvement of the floor and ceiling paneling, as well as by changing the design of the exterior mirror housings and the moldings of the windscreen pillars in the cabin, became 30% quieter.

The trunk of the sedan holds about 516 liters of luggage, and if you additionally fold the backs of the second row of seats, the cargo capacity will increase by 100 percent or more.

A choice of two power plants. The base is a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine, issuing 172 hp (234 Nm) against 167 earlier. Alternatively, the 249-horsepower 3.5-liter V6 is available. Both are combined with a modernized variator, and the drive is now only on the front wheels. All-wheel drive sedans will no longer be.

Nissan Teana 2014 is available in three options. The basic equipment of the Elegance includes such options as a 4-inch multi-function display on the dashboard, on-board computer control, cruise control, audio and Bluetooth hands-free on the steering wheel, a rain sensor and a light sensor, dual-zone climate control, a color central 5-inch display with CD / MP3 and 6 speakers, a full range of security systems, including front and rear parking sensors, electric driver's seat adjustment in six directions, light alloy wheels and more. The Luxury package bundle, in addition to standard basic equipment, includes such options as an auto-dimming rear-view mirror, a rear-view camera, xenon headlights and heated rear seats. Premium Premium is equipped with options such as a seven-inch multimedia touchscreen display, heated steering wheel, all-round vision camera and Safety Shield safety system (blind zone monitoring system, moving object recognition system and treadmill monitoring system), tire pressure monitoring system , Clean Air function and front seat ventilation. The Premium car is equipped with 17-inch alloy wheels.

After a major upgrade, the Nissan Teana is still an excellent choice for those who need a spacious and comfortable car for every day. The combination of competent chassis settings, high-powered power units and rich equipment inside the cabin makes it one of the most promising offers in this market segment. Being at the junction of D and E classes, it can be successfully used both for family needs and for business trips.

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