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Combat SUV Nissan Safari, TD42, 1992 - short review

Nissan Safari - a popular SUV, similar to the Patrol GR. This is a reliable jeep, which is produced in Japan, and in the local market is called Safari, and in Spain they produce the Patrol, which is based on the old model and is sold mainly in the local market.

Nissan SAFARI (PATROL) Y60 was born in 1987. The car had a new body, distinguished by straight lines, all-wheel drive, fully dependent suspension with locking rear differential, driven by a small toggle switch on the dashboard, and a self-locking differential in the front axle. . Of the off-road mechanisms - switchable rear anti-roll bar (for the domestic market), which increases the amount of free movement of the rear suspension, which gives an extra chance to cling to the ground on heavy off-road and significantly reduce the possibility of diagonal hanging. The stabilizer is turned off by pulling the knobs under the steering column towards itself, and switching on occurs by returning this knob to its original position. There was a new basic diesel aspirated TD42 130 hp. Overrunning clutches (hubs) were installed on the front hubs, disabling the front axle shaft when the all-wheel drive mode was turned off. All this was installed in the base set. Optionally installed: overrunning clutches of other types (automatic + forced lock mode and mechanical, forcibly locked hubs). Models going to the domestic market had full power (except for seat adjustments), mechanical windows did not occur in any, even the most Spartan configuration.

In addition, the range of engines had a gasoline inline 6-cylinder engine TB42S (carburetor) with a volume of 4200 cm3, as well as its injection equivalent TB42E. Motors are distinguished by a high degree of reliability, simple construction, and also a big appetite (especially the carburetor version). In parallel with the TD42, a turbocharged version (TD42T) was installed from the diesel engines in parallel with the TD42, and a 6-cylinder turbo-charged diesel with a capacity of 2800 cm3 was installed on the RD28T. The last power unit was placed mainly on cars for the foreign market, and proved to be not the best side: yet for an SUV with a total mass of 3 tons, this engine is rather weak.

The most popular cars with the so-called "chignon". This is an extra 30 cm provided by the raised roof of the car. In such machines, you can "live" with sufficient comfort for many days.

Also SUV Nissan SAFARI equipped with a mechanical winch. Since 1990, it was replaced by an electrician Warn 8000. The mechanical winch is in principle quite reliable, it can work for hours and live while the engine is running.

The overview from the driver’s seat is not very good, the driver’s relatively low seating position in the cabin has an effect. The view through the rear window is difficult because of the spare wheel hanging on the door and the vertical jumper that separates the size of the tailgate doors, which are wide open in the sides. Until 1990, for an improved view on the doors of an SUV, large comfortable mirrors were installed, then the mirrors were slightly crushed, which made the review a little worse. In general, the car is not sufficiently comfortable to drive around the city, but on off-road stiffness (and power consumption) of the suspension is a great advantage.

Nissan Safari all-terrain car in the new 61st body began to be produced from October 1997. There are two versions of the model - with an extended (5-door station wagon) and with a short (3-door station wagon) base. The five-door 7-seater station wagon is 570 mm longer than the 3-door on a short base of 2400 mm. The car has smoothed corners, bumpers and grilles of the new model are chrome plated. The powerful frame chassis with solid beams of driving axles on the lever-spring suspension and a spacious body with enhanced passive safety attract many buyers. Unlike other SUVs in this class, Safari has retained a four-wheel drive chassis with a plug-in front axle. Rear anti-roll bar when driving off-road is turned off from the driver’s seat to avoid early wheel hanging.

The Safari package corresponds to the “luxury” class and includes a variety of equipment, including leather upholstery, an automatic climate control system with rear seats, an electronic compass, a navigation system and other equipment. The noise level in the cabin of a diesel modification at a speed of 100 km / h is about the same as on the passenger model Maxima. The cabin and luggage compartment are roomy enough even for a “three-door”. The rear seats can be folded, and the floor of the luggage compartment will be flat. Different locations are designed for 5-7 people. The rear door is a double door with asymmetrical parts. On the large sash is mounted spare tire.

The engines of an SUV are very complex, "stuffed" with electronics. In Europe, a 6-cylinder in-line 2.8 D turbocharged diesel engine with a capacity of 129 liters is installed on cars. with. (Japan also has a 4.2 liter turbo diesel with a power of 145 hp and a 4.5 liter gasoline engine with a power of 200 hp.). In 2000, large all-terrain vehicles Patrol GR (Safari in Japan) found new power units. European equipment equipped with a 3.0-liter 4-cylinder 16-valve turbocharged diesel engine direct fuel injection capacity of 158 hp In Japan, Safari, in addition to the 3.0-liter diesel increased to 170 hp. power, set 6-cylinder 4.2-liter vortex-chamber diesel 160 hp

New engines have improved the dynamic qualities of these rather heavy cars, while at the same time reducing fuel consumption. On cars installed five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. For safety, the car is equipped with airbags, fully adjustable head restraints, four-channel ABS with five sensors that automatically determine the nature of the movement. Air conditioning with climate control, electropackage, 2AirBag, rear wiper, disc brakes on all wheels, sunroof, locking differential, navigation system - are offered as an option. Configuration for 3-door versions: Spirit I, Spirit II. For full-size 5-door: RX, Gran Road, Gran Road Limited.

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