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Qashqai is a compact crossover that combines the best qualities of a traditional family hatchback and the capabilities of a compact SUV. This strong, durable and agile car was created specifically for the city. High ground clearance and four-wheel drive - a distinct advantage in modern urban environments. Qashqai offers the consumer a little more than the usual compact class.

Nissan qashqai

The model was created from scratch to fill the next market niche, where the Dodge Caliber and Suzuki SX-4 ball already ruled. Neat, immaculately verified, but extremely discreet Qashqai is the first truly European Nissan. It is designed in the English technical center Nissan NTCE in Cranfield, found its final shape in the London design studio and is produced on the conveyor plant in Sunderland.

Qashqai is the first Nissan fully developed through digital design. Of course, the digital calculations were confirmed by real experiments, but the number of “live” tests decreased significantly.

Creatively marketers came to the name of the car. It sounds strange only for the Russian ear, but also for the European. The name "Qashqai" is taken from the name of the ancient Iranian, nomadic, tribe living in Iran to this day. By the way, to call a car in honor of nomadic tribes is not a new idea, the first in this was a Volkswagen company with an off-road Tuareg. In Japan, the model is sold under the name Dualis.

Qashqai received from designers a long hood, a very sloping roofline, a massive underbody, a protective body kit, a relief window sill and an impressive ground clearance of 20 cm. The front air intake and false radiator grille visually make the Qashqai wider. A large air intake gives a sporty accent, and a massive rear bumper evokes a sense of security and safety.

The salon is big enough, with a reserve of space above the head and in the elbows, but without outrageous. Designers have tried to combine the atmosphere of a spacious family car and the mood of the pilot's cabin, where the defining word is “control”. So there was a division into a working zone of the driver and a recreation area for passengers. The instrument panel is designed so that many functional buttons are concentrated around the center of the steering wheel. Finishing materials are selected with taste and fiction. The black and chocolate front panel, the combined seat fabrics, the texture of leather and plastics - everything was possible not only visually but also to the touch.

Nissan qashqai

In Europe, the car is available with front and all-wheel drive, as well as with four engine options - two petrol (1.6 liters / 115 hp and 2.0 lira / 140 hp) and two diesel (1.5 liters) / 106 hp and 2.0 TD / 150 hp). If the 1.6 engine is completed only with mechanics and front-wheel drive, then for 2.0, any combination of mono and all-wheel drive, manual gearbox and variator are possible.

The manufacturer offers a wide range of optional equipment. European versions are optionally equipped with a glass roof and built-in high-quality navigation. Qashqai has four configurations: Visia, Acenta, Tekna and Tekna Pack.

Separate words are deserved by the fact that Qashqai won the maximum number of stars - five - in Euro NCAP tests for such an indicator as the protection of adult passengers. This is the highest figure won by a proven car in the history of the program. At the same time, Qashqai got the highest points in both tests: both in frontal and side collisions, as well as the maximum number of points for the system of reminding you about not wearing seat belts. The car also showed a high rate - four stars - in tests for the degree of protection of children. In short, Qashqai is one of the safest cars on the road.

The new generation model Qashqai the world saw in early November 2013. In December, the car has already begun to produce on the conveyors of the British factory. For Russian motorists, the crossover is assembled in St. Petersburg. Interestingly, the Japanese abandoned the 7-seater version of the "+2" crossover. This decision was motivated simply: studies have confirmed that such cars were bought not for the sake of additional seats, but because of the increased amount of luggage. So the second-generation Qashqai is available exclusively with a 5-seater saloon.

The main bet in the new generation of the Japanese did on the exterior. Rustic exterior of the previous generation gave way to a strict modern look. The front optics merged in an aggressive smile with the grille, the bumper received a lot of curved lines and holes, the rear part has completely changed. The body was 47 mm longer, 20 mm wider and 15 mm lower than the predecessor.

Nissan qashqai

Qashqai 2014 has an exclusive curtain in the grille. They curtain with increasing speed and regulate the air flow. When overheating, the automatic is activated and the curtains open, cooling the overheated parts.

The salon has changed noticeably: modern design, restrained-classic color scheme, high-quality finishing materials. Much work has been done by engineers to improve ergonomics. Buttons and switches are conveniently located, the instrument panel readings are perfectly read. Even minor things that were unnoticeable at first glance. For example, the designers attended to such a parameter as the depth of the cupholders - now you can put a half-liter bottle in them so that it does not interfere with the driver's elbow. When creating the seat, the engineers used the aerospace industry developments, which made it easier to fit and improve blood flow in the lower back. Significantly changed the layout of the rear, resulting in a place on the back of the couch increased in all directions, and the capacity of the cargo compartment increased by 20 liters.

The multimedia system screen moved from above to the front of the center console and received much more functions. The multimedia system now does not just play music from different media and show the navigation map, but also works with online applications. So far, the Nissan Connect system has only a client for Facebook, a Google search and a trip advisor Trip Advisor. But representatives of the company promise that the number of available programs will grow.

Electric power steering received two modes - traditional and sporty, when you need to work hard driver. Numerous electronic systems deserve special attention: automatic parking, marking control systems, blind spots control, circular cameras, etc.

Nissan qashqai

As a base unit for Qashqai 2014, they install the DIG-T petrol "turbo" of 1.2 liters with a capacity of 115 horsepower. The undoubted advantage of this engine is low fuel consumption: according to the manufacturer, in the combined cycle, the appetite of this engine is only 5.6 liters per "hundred". For lovers of dynamic driving in the engine range there is a 2-liter gasoline unit with a capacity of 141 horsepower. But the diesel is offered only one - 1.6-liter 130-horsepower.

An innovation in Qashqai 2014 is the body vibration reduction system, thanks to which the car monitors the condition of the road surface, its waves. Feeling them, electronics regulates the operation of the engine and brakes automatically.

In the top trim levels and for an extra charge, the car is equipped with a video review system. Electronics also monitors blind spots in order to prevent unexpected collisions. And modern LED lights automatically switch to the desired light.

The second generation Nissan Qashqai turned out more complete, stylish and high quality.

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