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2018 Nissan Navara In Depth Review

Nissan Navara entered into competition in the emerging European pickup market in 2005. The premiere took place at the Geneva Motor Show. Navara is manufactured at the Nissan plant in Barcelona in parallel with the Pathfinder.

2005 Nissan Navara

The model is unified with the American version of the Frontier model 2005 model year, and the front part and the interior, in turn, are similar to the Pathfinder. Both models are designed on the F-Alpha platform - a closed spar frame, spring suspension on double wishbone, rear - spring.

Nissan launched two versions of the Navara, the King Cab and the Double Cab with a double cab, to the world market (only the Double Cab will be supplied to the Russian market). Double Cab is four doors and a full backseat for three. Moreover, the rear seat cushions can be folded in the proportion of 60/40, freeing up additional space for luggage. The King Cab version is equipped with two additional seats in the back of the cab. In both cases, Navara has the largest cargo compartment for this market segment. This is achieved through the body structure, in which the protrusion of the rear wheel arches inside the body is minimized.

The appearance of Navara is impressive and solid. Due to the convex wheel arches, roof rails and chamfers around the side windows of the car looks quite belligerent. Inside, unsurpassed comfort reigns, typical of SUVs: tilt-adjustable steering wheel, central locking system; in the upper levels of picking - adjustment of the lumbar support for the driver's seat, cruise control and dual-zone climate control.

2005 Nissan Navara

With facilities in Navara full order. The driver's seat has eight electric adjustments. The passenger is also not offended, although his seat is half the settings - only four. The steering column is adjustable in height only. Paddle switches and especially the buttons on the steering wheel are made correctly in terms of ergonomics. Salon Navara can serve as a model for many cars. The interior blends well with aesthetics and quality materials.

Navara is perfect, as well as for freight traffic, and for lovers of active recreation, thanks to a wide multi-functional luggage compartment. In the back of this car, you can take a ton of cargo, and in the cabin it is comfortable to place five people (Double Cab version). The mass of the towed trailer Nissan Navara three tons. In the back there is an advanced cargo securing system C-Channel. It facilitates the process of securing cargo with slings. As additional equipment installed at the factory, five longitudinal bars are offered (one on each side of the floor of the load compartment, plus one on each of the three non-folding sides of the body). In these bars, you can install self-locking clamps, which are used for securing the sling.

The chassis with the F-Alpha frame of high-strength steel is a unique development of Nissan, and provides unparalleled reliability without increasing the weight of the car. The extremely rigid frame allows the Navara model to cope with any loads. In addition, the car has an improved front suspension with double forked levers and coil springs. It is combined with a continuous rear axle and leaf rear springs. Such a suspension will ensure comfortable movement regardless of whether you are driving off-road or on an asphalt road.

Nissan Navara 2005

Off-road pick-up helps efficient all-wheel drive system Nissan All Mode 4x4 second generation. This system drives the rear wheels under normal driving conditions and drives all four wheels (with a 50/50 torque distribution between the axles) when 4WD mode is on. In addition, there is a reduction gear and locking rear cross-axle differential.

Like the Pathfinder, the Navara’s “driving force” is a four-cylinder YD turbocharged diesel engine created by Nissan. This 2.5-liter engine, deservedly recognized, has been greatly enhanced for use on newer models.

For Navara, this engine is offered in two versions with different tuned characteristics. A more impressive version develops a maximum power of 174 liters. with. and maximum torque of 403 Nm. The second option reaches 144 liters, respectively. with. and 356 Nm. The power unit is paired with a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Pickup Nissan Navara in 2006 became the best-selling European car in its class. The most popular car used in Spain (ibid. And produced), in France, Holland, Austria, Belgium, Poland, Sweden and Ireland.

Nissan Navara 2010

In 2010, as part of the Geneva Motor Show, the restyled version of the Navara pickup truck was premiered. Cars have changed slightly in appearance, received new equipment interior.

Among the external changes in the body should be noted the updated hood, a modified grille, new front and rear bumpers, as well as xenon optics head light. Headlight washers are now telescopic and extend from the front bumper. Moldings painted in body color. The Navara color scheme is complemented by two new colors: Electric Blue blue and Blue Gray gray blue.

The interior of the updated Nissan Navara has undergone significant changes, the car has received a new mode selector for all-wheel drive, new door and seat trim materials, chrome decorative elements and a redesigned instrument. The control keys for the phone and audio system on the steering wheel are now backlit. As an option, the upgraded NissanNavara is equipped with an integrated Nissan Connect Premium navigation system with a touchscreen display and Bose® premium audio. Also, depending on the configuration, chrome trim is used in the design of the dashboard. In the center console, a new section for storage. And in versions of SE and LE is available spectacular lighting devices "Fine Vision".

Nissan Navara 2010

The list of standard equipment has been significantly expanded and the level of passive safety has been increased. The updated version has a maximum speed limit system that helps the driver observe the speed limit. Active safety is supplemented by a dynamic stabilization system (ESP), which monitors the operation of the engine control unit, wheel speed, steering wheel angle, longitudinal and lateral accelerations, and yaw angle to predict the loss of directional stability and correct the situation if necessary. The restyled version of the car is also equipped with EBD, an electronic brake force distribution system that provides optimal braking for the wheels depending on the conditions. A rearview camera, previously available only on the Nissan Pathfinder, has now appeared in the updated Nissan Navara. It greatly simplifies the process of parking, especially in the presence of oversized cargo on the cargo platform or when a hardtop is installed.

A new turbocharged V6 engine with a volume of 3.0 liters and a power of 231 hp was added to the engine line. and a maximum torque of 550 Nm at 1,750–2,500 rpm. With this powerplant, the Navara can tow a 3,000 kg trailer. In addition, the 2.5-liter diesel engine was improved. Power increased by 16 hp - up to 190 hp (140 kW), and torque increased by 47 N • m - up to 450 N • m. As a result of the modernization of the engine has become more economical, reduced harmful emissions into the atmosphere. With this engine and manual gearbox, Navara consumes about 8.5 liters of diesel per 100 km in the combined cycle, which is 1.5 liters / 100 km better than before.

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