Nissan leopard

Japan Car Auction | 1991 Nissan Leopard XS 2.0L V6 Turbo

The firstborn in the Leopard family appeared in 1980. Under the hood, he had a 1.8-liter inline-four, a 6-cylinder 2-liter engine and a six-cylinder 2.8-liter unit. The most powerful "engine" reached a power of about 160 hp The first generation of the model, possessing a bright personality, had a number of technical innovations not only of Japanese, but also of world importance. True, it did not achieve commercial success; it made the authors of the Leopard project somehow reconsider their views. 

The second generation Leopard saw the light in 1986. The machine was significantly different from its predecessor - the length increased by 50 mm, and the base was reduced by 10 mm. Unlike the first generation, in the second there was no four-door body - only a coupe. The design was designed in a purely European style. The car had a beautiful, classic silhouette. Naturally, the “second” Leo could boast a better power supply than its predecessor. The car was equipped with two engines: a 2-liter "turbo" and a 3-liter atmospheric, both had 6 cylinders located in a V-shape. In 1989, the model range was partially modernized, during the modernization some changes were made to the exterior, and significant changes were made to the interior. In addition, a new block with two camshafts and a 24-valve gas distribution mechanism, as well as a ceramic turbine, was added to the 2-liter engine. The 3-liter version was also equipped with a 24-valve gas distribution mechanism, as well as a turbocharger.

The third generation started in 1992. This generation is far from its progenitor. From him, the new generation remained only the engine layout and rear-wheel drive. Since 1991, only sedans have gone off the assembly line, and the equipment they had was beyond all praise - there was everything in the car that you wished. Not for nothing in the list of additional equipment there are only two items: leather interior and rear spoiler. The car was equipped with either a 4.1-liter 8-cylinder V-engine with a capacity of 270 hp, or a 3-liter 6-cylinder engine with in-line arrangement of cylinders, which could develop a power of 200 hp. 

Finally, the fourth (last) generation Nissan Leopard appeared in 1996. These avtomobili already lost the grace of its predecessor. But the equipment of the car was still at the height - appeared navigation, electric windows and much more. The engine range first included only the 3-liter 6-cylinder V-engine model VQ. Subsequently, the RB model engine was added to it, namely, the 2.5-liter "turbo" (on the all-wheel drive version), and after some time, the 2.5-liter VQ model and the 2-liter VG models. In short, at that time, the Nissan Leopard’s driving performance was rated very positively. Especially with regard to stability when driving on a highway.

Nissan Leopard was removed from production in 2000.

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