Nissan lafesta

Nissan Lafesta 2005 109kms Gunmetal 7st 2 0L

Lafesta replaced the Liberty model. The car is designed on the new global platform GP2 alliance Renault-Nissan. In the domestic Japanese market, sales started in December 2004. The minivan received elegant streamlined contours and relatively small size. The dimensions of the body are as follows: length 4495 mm, width 1695 mm, height 1600 mm (for a complete set of 2WD). The length of the body compared to the Nissan Liberty decreased by 80 mm. The minimum turning radius is 5.1 m, which makes management easier. The length of the cabin has increased by 70 mm and is 2690 mm, the height of the cabin has increased by 30 mm and is 1230 mm with the panoramic roof closed. All this allowed the developers to fit into the cabin the third row of seats and make the car 7-seater. Seats are distributed according to the "2 - 3 - 2" scheme. Like its predecessor, Nissan Lafesta is equipped with sliding rear doors, which facilitates the landing on the second and third rows of seats. On the last row it will be comfortable except for children, but the middle row offers maximum convenience. The most important advantage of second-row seats is that they have a low seating position and, therefore, it is nice to sit in them and you can easily leave to get out of the car. The transformation of chairs is extremely easy. In order to give the cabin more space and light, it was decided to increase the area of ​​the glazing, as well as use a roof with a panoramic hatch (1500x800 mm), which is controlled by an electric drive. The glass in the hatch is covered with a protective UV layer, which reflects harmful solar rays.

Visibility at the highest level. All its extreme points in full view. The distance to the front edge of the field of view (that is, the distance from the front seat to the closest point of the incident roadway visible from this seat) is 6.0 meters. Special zones in the body structure increase the safety of the car several times, which gives Lafesta the right to be called one of the safest minivans in the world. Safety is also enhanced by active head restraints, dual-deployment airbags, an anti-glare mirror, and a color rear-view monitor (options), which displays information about the distance between objects and the width of the car moving behind. In Lafesta, everything is also provided for small passengers - the child seat is installed on the left side to the second row of seats. Folding the front passenger seat, the driver has the ability to easily reach the child. In the cabin there are many pockets and shelves for small things, holders for cups and cards.

Lafesta is equipped with an engine capacity of 2 liters. Maximum power: the modification 2WD - 137 hp, 4WD - 129 hp Fuel consumption is about 6.7 liters per 100 km. The X-tronic CVT gearbox has a 6-speed manual shift mode. For the first time in the world, the automatic transmission control lever has an electric drive. The combination of a new engine and a continuously variable transmission allows you to keep the speed characteristics of the car at a high level and at the same time quite economical to spend fuel. The equipment includes an Intelligent Key chip key, six PBs, automatic climate control, heated and ventilated seats, a Bose premium audio system.

Nissan also, together with its subsidiary Autech Japan, released a modification of Lafesta called Rider, the interior of which was specially designed for people with disabilities. For example, this version can be equipped with an automatic seat that makes boarding a car more comfortable.

In 2007, a restyled version of the minivan appeared. Lafesta received new bumpers, grille and lighting engineering. Modified forms gave the appearance of a minivan more dynamics. The interior freshened by changing the shape of the seats, enlarged head restraints and new materials in the interior. It is also worth noting a noticeable improvement in the appearance of the main devices. The edging of the dials has become silvery, and in the Highway Star configuration - silver-blue. The list of indicators displayed on the dashboard is extended: data on average and instantaneous fuel consumption, maximum mileage on the remaining fuel and much more can be displayed on the LCD display. Now you can install HDD-navigation system.

The name "Lafesta" comes from the Italian word "festa", which means celebration, festival, party. Nissan has given such a name to its new product in the designation of a pleasant time that can be spent in this car with your family and friends. In general, the model has become a worthy successor to the traditions of its predecessor - Liberty, which at one time was highly appreciated by consumers.

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