Nissan gloria

Rear wheel drive passenger car class D Nissan Gloria produced by Prince Motor Company since 1960.

The Nissan Gloria in Depth Review!

In 1966, this company became part of Nissan. Under this brand, and continued its release. Almost completely similar model, with the exception of the design of the grille and modified optics, was the Nissan Cedric. While the Cedric was designed for comfortable rides, following the requirements for business class cars, the Gloria was a sports version of this model.

Nissan gloria

Since 1979, five car series have been released: 430, Y30, Y31, Y32 and Y34. The 430 series had four round headlights and was produced with a 2.8-liter L28 OHC I6 engine. For foreign markets, the model was offered under the index 280С. In 1982, the power plant was equipped with electronic injection; For Singapore and Hong Kong, versions with a 2.2 liter diesel engine were produced, used as taxis and called 220C.

From 1984 to 1987, the Y30 series was produced. The car was equipped with a basic 3-liter gasoline engine VG30E V6, but on the part of the machines installed 2-liter VG20E engines. For the domestic market of Japan, as well as for the countries already mentioned above, diesel versions used for the carriage of passengers were still produced.

Nissan gloria

From the end of 1987 to 1991, cars were produced in the back of the Y31, both in the form of a 4-door sedan and in the hardtop version (without window frames in the doors). The engine range was quite long and included gasoline power plants: 2 liter VG20E, 3 liter VG30E, 3 liter VG30ET with turbocharging, 2 liter V6 RB20P, 2 liter NA20P, as well as 2.5 liter diesel engines TD25, 2.7 l TD27 and 2.8 l RD28. 

The model of this series had a sports version of the GranTurismo SV, a characteristic feature of which was a shortened front bumper; a 2-liter VG20DET power unit was installed on it. In 1989, on the basis of Cedric began production of a police car YPY31. With the start of production in 1991, the Y32 series of sedans in the back of the Y31 was not discontinued: with minor modifications it was used in rental services and taxis.

Buyers Gloria cars offered five complete sets (Original, Custom, Super Custom, Classic, Classic SV), and for the Cedric - also exhaustively luxurious "Brougham VIP".

Nissan gloria

From late 1991 to 1994, the Y32 generation was produced with VG VG series petrol engines: 2 liter VG20E, 3-liter VG30E, VG30DE and VG30DET, as well as with 2.8-liter diesel engines RD28.

From 1999 to 2004, cars were produced in the back of the Y34. The design of cars in this series was developed in the California studio of the American branch of Nissan, taking into account the preferences of US consumers.

1993 Nissan Gloria Y32. 18,000 miles!

Several angular shapes gave way to smooth lines, which gave the model individuality, which was also confirmed in small details.

A final distribution of modifications also occurred; The Gloria is sporting a Gran Tourismo sports version, while the Cedric has the most expensive Brougham. This contributed to the consolidation of the brand image, both models have acquired their easily recognizable and pronounced image. The exterior of the front of the Gloria was particularly changed, the grille had a large cross-directional pattern and looked aggressive. The dimensions of the car were 4870/1765/1430 mm with a wheelbase of 2730 mm and a gauge of 1500/1495 mm. The curb weight of the machine was 1600 kg. Clearance - 140 mm.

Nissan gloria

The cabin equipment included a velor or leather seat upholstery, PB, full electric, digital display, CD, TV, navigation and more.

The car was equipped with V6 petrol engines with direct fuel injection system NeoDi 2.5 liter VQ25DD (210 hp), 3 liter VQ30DD and VQ30DET (turbo, 280 hp) and inline 6-cylinder 2.5-liter RB25DET DOHC (260 hp) turbocharged. The power units were paired with a 4-speed automatic transmission or a CVT. Gasoline consumption in the version with a 3-liter VQ30DET engine in the urban cycle reached 14 liters per 100 km, and a maximum speed of 210 km / h. The RB25DET engine was installed on all-wheel drive modifications.

In addition to the fairly high dynamic characteristics of the Gloria, its driving performance and good handling, which allowed to combine speed and driving comfort, deserved an excellent mark. This was achieved through the use of an independent multi-link suspension with longitudinal, transverse and diagonal levers at the rear and transverse levers and brakes in front. Also in the suspension were used suspension struts, coil springs and anti-roll bars front and rear.

The steering was with a rack and pinion and power steering. The brakes are fully ventilated discs. ABS was supplied as standard.

In Japan, the Gloria and Cedric cars were produced until October 2004, their successor was the Nissan Fuga, and the model of this class is the Toyota Crown. In the US market, this model was called the Nissan Infiniti M45.

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