Nissan figaro

The concept of the Nissan Figaro was first shown to the public in 1989, at the Tokyo Motor Show under the slogan "Back to the Future."

What the * bleep * is a Nissan Figaro?

The concept was built on the basis of the first generation Nissan March / Micra. A car with a coupe and a folding roof in the style of the 50s, with a completely modern filling, a liter four-cylinder engine with turbocharging and a 3-speed automatic, caused a strong reaction from others. In the production model launched in 1991.

Nissan Figaro

Only 8,000 copies left the assembly line, then due to high demand, it was decided to release 12,000 more cars. Even before the start of sales, it became clear that there were more orders than machines. To no one was hurt, among potential buyers held a lottery. The winners received a tiny two-color Figaro with a hinged roof, round headlights, an automatic transmission, a chic white leather lounge, air conditioning and a CD player.

When creating the Figaro, the retro style was precisely designed (by designer Shoji Takahashi).

The Quirkiest Car Ever Made ?! | JDM Nissan Figaro

The car is distinguished by very compact dimensions: 3740/1630/1365 mm. Almost all parts are made by a special project, especially the front panel of the cabin. The silhouette of the car looks more like a 2-door coupe, the rear window and part of the roof is retracted into the rear trunk, so this cabriolet is not quite normal, you can say "full open top".

Nissan Figaro

The roof was partially made of white leather, covered with acrylic film. The car had 4 seats, although the rear seats more suited for luggage. Therefore, the layout of places is better to express the formula 2x2.

It is worth noting that many celebrities are owners of avtodovinki. For example, Nissan Figaro is in the garage of musician Eric Clapton, as well as Princess Eugene of York, a member of the British royal family. The Figaro model is still popular today and is consistently listed on the market.

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