Nissan 350z


After a long silence, when thirty years have passed since the release of the first Z, Nissan decided to introduce a new generation of the famous model. The car called the 350 Z is a bright and worthy representative of the Nissan family of the Z series.

For a start, it is worth noting that the 350Z is a real hatchback. As far as was possible, the designers retained the shape of the front lighting and the "square" of the rear window of the former Z - in this similarity of the new car with the "parents" the basis of recognition and it is taken for granted.

However, as the chief designer of Nissan Mamoru Aoki says, the look of Z is the look of a “two-faced” egoist, the car is designed only for two people. No attributes of the form 2x2, behind the back only speakers of the speaker system.

The continuity with the first series is also evident in the cabin: the similarity of the panel and console architecture, the same arrangement of instruments and even the very close form of air defrosters, which are also round and enclosed in a silver bezel. And, of course, a three-spoke steering wheel with a large Z in the middle.

The main thing that designers from the California Nissan studio are asking to pay attention to is how far the wheels are at the corners of the car. The metal body just covers the wheels and the engine, besides the body shape creates the illusion that the car is simply made of molten metal. Vertical xenon headlights further increase this effect and give the car more aggressiveness. The wheelbase of the car - 4.5 meters. Car weight - 1.456 kg.

350 Z can be described as a lean, squat, well-knit car, with a long hood and a teardrop-shaped cabin. An omission would not be said about the stylishness of this model. Small "eyes" xenon "spotlights" in the crystal bowels of the headlights, narrow slots deflectors in front of the wheel arches, vertical door handles in the style of "techno". Forged wheels with elegantly curved spokes, through which golden calipers of Brembo powerful brakes are perfectly visible - all this is proof of the unique style of the Japanese car.

Salon has a good finish and thoughtful details. The dashboard is full of dull, black and silver colors. And the form of the panel itself is made in such a way that the devices and air ducts of the ventilation system are highlighted. In the center of the dashboard is a display on which you can display a digital image of speed, revolutions, tire pressure, etc.

Chairs - wide, with developed rollers lateral support. In some versions, have two electric. One key changes the angle of the backrest, the other one drives the seat cushion along the rails, plus the angle of the latter is adjusted manually. "Racing" tight pedals - with large areas. Steering wheel on the flight is not adjustable, but can move up and down, and at the same time with the instrument cluster. The steering drive is equipped with an amplifier. The gear lever has an optimally convenient location and a beautiful finish.

All the technical "stuffing" is also top notch. Both front and rear - multi-link suspension. The gearbox is a six-speed manual, as an option you can call a five-speed “automatic”. Differential - with integrated viscous coupling for self-locking when slipping. And the carefully “blown” aerodynamic body kit allowed the Nissan players to achieve impressive streamlining: according to them, the Cx at the coupe is 0.29, and the total lifting force is zero!

Engine - V-shaped "six" VQ series of 3.5 liters. Especially for the model 350 Z it was slightly modified - lightened pistons, connecting rods and camshafts, reconfigured intake and exhaust systems, thereby increasing the power to 280 hp. He works on the 98th gasoline. Silent at idle, perfectly balanced, high-torque and powerful, the VQ35 engine will definitely please the driver with its capabilities. To “hundreds” the car accelerates in less than 6 seconds.

The 350Z suspension was developed with an eye on the best brands of modern sports automotive. Multi-lever rear and front structures are all aluminum. This made it possible to significantly reduce the unsprung masses, which had a very positive effect on the driving characteristics of the car. Contrary to the expectations of extremes, the 350 Z is equipped with active safety systems, as well as ESP. Tires Bridgestone Potenza RE040, as befits a sports car, on the rear axle is wider - 245/45 against 225/45 in front.

Nissan 350Z symbolizes the revival of the brand. With all its undeniable merits, today it is significantly cheaper than its direct competitors, which indicates the ambitious plans of Nissan in the sports car market.

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