Moskvich svyatogor

"Moskvich Svyatogor" (factory index-2141-02) - this is nothing more than a modernized version of the car "Moskvich-2141".

Test drive Moskvich 2141 45 \

Launch this model on AZLK started in 1998. The car received a slightly modified appearance and the new F3R272 engine from Renault, with a volume of 2.0 liters and a capacity of 104.5 hp, which undoubtedly improved reliability, dynamic and speed characteristics. In order to correspond to a more powerful engine, the car received new (also imported) brakes and clutch, as well as reduced ground clearance to improve speed and performance.

Moskvich Svyatogor

Nevertheless, a part of the produced cars continued to be completed with the same engines of VAZ-2106 and UZAM-3317 (less often VAZ-2130 or UZAM-3313/3318).

"Svyatogor" was produced in the back of a 5-door hatchback.

Bad Auto Moskvich Svyatogor 214145 2.0

Version Moskvich-2141R5 was extended by 200 mm and was called "Yuri Dolgoruky." The sedan bore the name - "Prince Vladimir". In total, more than five million of all "Muscovites" were produced, and the production of "Svyatogor" and "princes" ceased with the existence of the plant itself in 2001.

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