Moskvich 402


Moskvich 402 - Soviet small-class passenger car, produced at the Moscow plant of small cars (MZMA) in 1956-1958. The car came to replace the Moskvich 401. It received a modern, more spacious and comfortable body with a separate trunk, but underneath it all was the archaic mechanics on the 400 / Opel Kadett platform. The robust monocoque provided an adequate level of comfort for four or five passengers. The front seats were laid out in a comfortable bed, the trunk had an impressive volume - 0.34 m³. All cars were completed with a tube radio with a range of long and medium waves.

The main drawback of the 402nd model was the weak, morally obsolete lower-valve engine, the design of which dates back to the mid-30s, inherited from its predecessor. The power unit was taken from the previous model with an increase in the working volume of up to 1.22 cm³. Engine power was 35 hp at 4200 rpm against 26 hp his predecessor. The motor allowed to reach a speed of 105 km / h. The transmission, which had three speeds, as well as the main gear remained the same. Among other shortcomings can also be distinguished naughty steering and hard course. But there were pluses, the 402nd was absolutely undemanding on the quality of gasoline and road surface.

For the first time in our automotive industry, a panoramic full-bend windshield, telescopic shock absorbers, a doorless front suspension, a push-button opening of the door locks, a trunk lid unlocked from inside, a two-wheel steering wheel were used. Old left rear axle gearbox and shift lever, which was installed on the steering wheel. Despite the increase in almost all dimensions (4055x1540x1560 mm), the Moskvich 402 turned out to be a little heavier than its outdated ancestor, only one hundred and a few kilograms (980 kg).

A year after the debut, on the basis of the “four hundred and second”, the release of the country's first five-door station wagon (model Moskvich 423) was organized, and a year later - the van 430 with a loading capacity of 250 kg.

The serial production of the Moskvich 402 was curtailed in May 1958. A total of 87,658 items were released with modifications. The successor was Moskvich 407.

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