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Moskvich 2140

The Moskvich 2140 is a small-class passenger car produced by the AZLK plant in the Soviet Union in Moscow. Model years: from 1976 to 1988. In December 1975, these "Muscovites" replaced the models 408 and 412 as morally and technically obsolete, and did not meet the modern requirements of even the domestic auto industry. Moskvich 2140 was essentially a restyling Moskvich 412, and not a separate model. But, despite the restyling, the car still retained the shortcomings of the previous models. Apparently, this was the reason for the frank commercial failure of the fortieth Moskvich, even despite the shortage of cars in the country of the Soviets. 

Moskvich 2140

Preparatory work began in 1975. The car was produced in two versions: Moskvich 1300 (Moskvich-2138 (1358 cm³, 50 hp) and Moskvich 1500 (1478 cm³, 75 hp). They, like the basic models, carried in the design quite a few elements of the active and passive safety, which AZLK was the first to introduce in the Soviet automotive industry. Generally, at that time, the Muscovites were distinguished by modern solutions in the design of the engine and suspension, but hopelessly lagged behind the Zhiguli in terms of body design. attract to the design of the interior of a new car of Americans. looking at the fabulous money spent (at that time), 80 thousand dollars, the interior made by American experts did not go into the series. Now many people say that there were a lot of ergonomic flaws and “blunders.” But some experts say that “American” the interior version was simply not affordable for an ordinary Soviet buyer. After the simplifications and rework, the luxury version of the Moskvich went to the masses. It was a modification of the Moskvich-2140SL and it was intended mainly for export markets. Nevertheless, this model was most readily bought by the domestic motorist. The first production cars began to roll off the assembly line in 1976.

Moskvich 2140

During the years of production, various modifications of the car were offered to customers, such as: M-21406 for agriculture, M-21403 with manual control for the disabled, Moskvich 2733 and Moskvich 2734 (vans), Moskvich 2137 (wagon). "Muscovites" with the UZAM-412 engine were called Moskvich 2140, the modification with the M-408 engine was designated as Moskvich-2138.

In 1982, the Moskvich 2140 underwent a slight modernization: the vents on the front doors disappeared, the design of the bumpers was changed, and in general the practical plastic changed the abundance of chrome in the body finish.

The car stayed on the conveyor until 1988, giving way to his successor - Moskvich model 2141.

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