Mitsuoka viewt

The Mitsuoka Viewt is a five-seater in a four-door sedan, which has been produced by the Japanese company Mitsuoka Motors since 1993.

Mitsuoka Motor - The company of craftsmanship [non-sub]

At its core, Mitsuoka Motors is a bodybuilder. The principle of creating a new car from Mitsuoka Motors is the following: one of the most popular car models is chosen and its "native" body is replaced with a body of its own design.

Mitsuoka Viewt is a classic replicar (a car with its outlines resembling an old car, but having quite a modern "stuffing"), which was created on the basis of the well-known Nissan Micra model (March in Japan). Designers of Mitsuoka Motors tried to make the car body look like a Jaguar Mark 2. This model, together with the later model Mitsuoka Galue, inspired large Japanese car manufacturing companies to produce cars in retro style.

Mitsuoka Viewt
The first car Mitsuoka Viewt, which appeared in January 1993, was made on the basis of the K11 March model. In the appearance of the car, compared with the base model, there have been significant changes. Only in the silhouettes of the doors and the roof of the car guessed the relationship with the "Nissan". The rear, opening upward, characteristic of the Nissan March, turned into a fixed window and a small, rounded tailgate. The combination of four headlights and a small chrome grille made the car look almost indistinguishable from the Jaguar Mark 2. In the standard equipment, the cabin was almost identical to the Nissan March. The car could be equipped with a front panel "under the tree" and a leather interior as an option for an additional fee. The overall dimensions of the car were 4250x1640x1425mm - that is, compared with the "Nissan" the car became longer and wider. Under the hood, the Mitsuoka Viewt housed a four-cylinder DOHC six-cylinder engine equipped with a water-cooling system and a 1 or 1.3 liter electronic fuel injection system borrowed from the Nissan March. The power of the first power unit was 58 hp

1996 Nissan Mitsuoka Viewt cv, rusted ...

at 6000 rpm, the power of the second - 79 hp at the same speed. Initially, the car was produced either with a manual or automatic transmission. Later, Mitsuoka Motors completely abandoned the mechanical box. In addition, the technical equipment of the car included such elements as power steering, front disc brakes, rear brake system with automatic adjustment of the pad clearance. It was also provided with airbag equipment for the driver, air conditioning and audio system. The steering wheel in the car was located on the right.

Mitsuoka Viewt

All changes that occurred with the March model of the car, were necessarily reflected in the Viewt model. After the March model was updated, Mitsuoka Motors launched the second series of the Viewt model. For the first time, the updated Mitsuoka Viewt was introduced in September 2005.

Now under the hood of this car was an engine of 1.2, 1.4 or 1.5 liters. All new engines met the 2005 standard for a 75% reduction in exhaust gas (SU-LEV). The 1.2 liter engine had a power of 90 hp, 1.4 liter - 97 hp, at 5600 rpm. 1.5 liter - 109 hp at 6000 rpm. Of the technical improvements, it is also worth noting the emergence of an airbag for the front passenger, seat belt pretensioners, anti-lock braking system (ABS) - all this has significantly increased the safety of the car.

On average, a year, Mitsuoka Motors produces about a thousand "Viewt", and without a doubt, this model is the bestseller among all models produced by the company, largely due to the noble appearance and very affordable price.

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