Mitsubishi outlander xl

Mitsubishi Outlander XL - mid-size (length 4640 mm) all-wheel drive SUV, allowing you to feel confident in any road conditions.

Mitsubishi Outlander XL for 650 thousand rubles. Anton Avtoman.

The optimal car for the residents of a modern, large city. When creating Outlander XL, a whole range of innovative technologies were used by Mitsubishi Motors. As a result, the model has excellent handling, maneuverability, and also provides increased comfort and plenty of space for the driver and passengers. A car with a unique combination of sports dynamics, unique style and amazing versatility.

The design of the Outlander XL has nothing to do with other Mitsubishi models. The Japanese had already developed it on their own, without the help of a European, Olivier Boulet, who created the first generation Lancer, Colt, Grandis and Outlander. Everything in the shape of the Outlander XL looks bright and stylish - front fog lights, built-in horizontal taillights, alloy wheels and polished roof rails. The broad gauge, massive wings and clear lines of the body create the impression of a powerful and reliable SUV. Actually, the whole style XL can be designated as techno or hi-tech. The use of an aluminum roof made it possible to reduce the weight of the Outlander XL and lower the center of gravity.

Sports style is the basis for the design of both external and internal design. The interior is spacious and ergonomic. All interior elements are functional and extremely attractive. Leather-covered steering wheel and shift knob look luxurious. The driver's seat is highly located, which serves as a guarantee of a good view. The steering wheel has an adjustment only in height. On the front panel everything is at hand, so the driver can easily find what you need without being distracted from the road. Devices hidden in unusual wells and perfectly read. The red lights on the audio and air conditioning controls give the Outlander XL a shade of sophistication. Around the driver and front passenger settled as many as 6 cupholders.

By the way, the car can be equipped with a specially developed optional (standard equipment for the Outlander XL 3.0 Inspire) Rockford Fosgate Acoustic Design Premium premium audio system with a 650-watt electronic amplifier, 9 speakers and audio control on the steering wheel. Low frequencies are reproduced by a subwoofer.

The presence of a separate longitudinal adjustment of the rear seats provides the convenience of rear passengers, and the abundance of bottle holders, cup holders and multi-compartments for storing small items makes it easy to place everything you need on a trip.

Overview Mitsubishi Outlander XL with a mileage of 200 thousand. Km.

The interior of the car is equipped with a glove compartment with temperature control, which provides cooling of the contents from the air conditioning system. Upholstery Outlander XL is made of absorbing cigarette smoke and other material odors.

Outlander XL offers plenty of space for luggage. The luggage compartment is 1691 liters. A separate rear door, the lower section of which opens at a distance of 600 mm from the ground, and the loading rails of the cargo compartment floor facilitate loading and unloading of luggage, and the automatic folding of the rear seats can significantly increase the amount of luggage by simply pressing a button.

In terms of active and passive safety, the Outlander XL is among the most reliable cars in its class. The advanced SRS system, which includes six new-generation airbags, will take care of driver and passenger protection. The driver and front passenger are protected by two-stage airbags. They are complemented by inflatable side airbags and curtains on the windows of doors. Plus a safe body RISE with a rigid and durable frame and zones of programmed deformation, dissipating the impact energy. The second row of seats is equipped with ISO-FIX brackets that allow you to quickly and easily secure the child seats.

Additional security systems include an anti-lock braking system (ABS) with electronic brake force distribution (EBD) and an emergency brake assist, as well as front seat belts with tension force limiters and pretensioners. In addition, Outlander XL is equipped with brakes with discs of increased diameter, which allows to increase the effectiveness of emergency braking.

Outlander XL is equipped with AWC (All Wheel Control), which provides excellent controllability and safety as when driving on the highway, and when overcoming snowy or muddy roads. AWC combines an all-wheel drive multi-select 4WD transmission with electronically controlled torque distribution, as well as an integrated dynamic stability control system and traction control (M-ASTC). AWC provides good grip on the road and impeccable handling on slippery surfaces. Using the 4WD Smart-Select position switch on the center console, the driver can choose one of three modes of transmission: 2WD - high efficiency mode, in which the drive is carried out mainly on the front wheels; 4WD - in this mode, the torque is distributed between the front and rear axles for optimal compliance with road conditions; Lock - imitation mode of locking the center differential. Provides great traction at low speeds, when driving off-road or stuck, and powerful, sporty dynamics in the entire engine speed range.

At the same time, the modes of transmission operation do not have functional limitations on the vehicle speed, which allows you to switch from one mode to another at any time, regardless of speed.

The independent suspension of all wheels was borrowed from Mitsubishi rally cars, which made it possible to achieve precise handling and stability at high speeds.

Three-liter engine V6 MIVEC 220 hp c aluminum block cylinder provides a combination of high dynamic performance, fuel efficiency and acceleration. Six-speed automatic transmission provides smooth acceleration and quick response to accelerator pressing, and petal-type steering-wheel switches allow the driver to change gears without taking his hands off the steering wheel, which increases the convenience and safety of driving. The XL is also available with a 2.4 l / 170 hp turbocharged engine.

The model is available in three configurations, which differ in the level of equipment: Intense, Instyle and Inspire. The Intense version includes 18-inch alloy wheels, fog lights, automatic headlights (light sensor), an on-board computer, audio control and Hands Free on the steering wheel and climate control. As part of the Instyle option, the specified list of options is complemented by tinted windows (except wind and front door windows), leather seats, and the driver’s seat. The Inspire package adds an electric sunroof, xenon headlights and the Rockford Fosgate Acoustic Design premium audio system to the Instyle options list.

All Outlander XL presented in Russia are available for countries with a cold climate, including a reinforced starter and generator, an increased capacity battery, heated front seats, additional anti-corrosion treatment of the body and electric heating of the windshield brushes.

A car with such a set of qualities is an ideal choice for modern people leading an active lifestyle.

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