Mazda xedos 9

Xedos - Luxury Mazda Motor.

Real Road Test: 1999 Xedos 9 Miller (Mazda Millenia, Eunos 800)

The model Xedos 6, which was favorably received by customers, became a kind of pioneer, so the car was launched in a series of a higher class - Xedos 9, which became, in fact, the “face” of the brand in the European market. Steady consumer demand was also noted in the United Arab Emirates and the USA (in America, Xedos 9 was sold under the name Millenia). At home in Japan, the car was styled Eunos 800.

Xedos 9 debuted in 1992, opening a new segment for the company. Formally, the model can be attributed to the European size class "E", although managers of Mazda Motor prefer to talk about "business-class sports sedan," emphasizing the purpose of the car, its quality and cost.

Design Xedos 9 can be described as outstanding. Even today, cars of the first years of release look quite solid and modern. The original optics and the “active” embossed hood bring to the appearance of this model the characteristic aggression, and to the massive, almost without understamping, sidewall - weightiness.

The car differs fine, proportional and to some extent conservative appearance. The interior is decorated with expensive materials that stand the test of time perfectly. Enough space in the front seats and rear. Powerful engines give the Mazda Xedos 9 decent dynamics. Suspension carefully protects passengers from shaking on the roads. Front suspension independent multi-link with stabilizer bar.

Steering rack and pinion with hydraulic booster.

In 2000, the Xedos 9 received bold and more dynamic lines of design, emphasizing the status of the model - a representative class car, which combined elegance, elegant appearance and sporty spirit. Everything is beautiful, in accordance with the Mazda corporate identity. The similarity with the previous generation Xedox 9 can be found in any detail, ranging from the general contours of the body and ending with the "architecture" of the cabin and dashboard.

The range of power units is represented by three engines: 2.5 liters (KL) / 163 hp, 2.0 liters (KF) and 2.3 liters. (Kj)

Structurally, the power units are very similar and are created according to the scheme of the V-shaped "six". Of particular interest may be the latter: it works on the so-called "Miller cycle" and has a volumetric mechanical supercharger.

Vergleich: Opel Omega B 2.6 V6 vs. Mazda Xedos 9 V6

Due to the presence of the compressor engine develops 213 liters. with. (this is at 2.3 liters!)

The electronic control unit (ECU) allows you to correlate the engine torque with road conditions, resulting in a smooth movement at optimum engine speed. The suspension of the Mazda Xedos 9 provides supernatural cornering stability, while its docile handling and superbly balanced chassis delight anyone who enjoys driving.

Xedos 9 is equipped with a 5-speed manual or 4-speed automatic transmission.

A number of new developments aimed at modernizing the active and passive safety of the Mazda Xedos 9 include, in addition to the traditional ones, still improved control over the longitudinal stability. ABS prevents the wheels from locking during braking, and the electronic brake-force distribution (EBD) system selects the ideal braking mode according to the vehicle’s mass and speed. The basis of the passive safety system is a specially designed super-rigid body of a cellular structure with a supporting frame and additional safety bars at the doors and damping de-energized impact zones. SRS head-guard side airbags enhance passive protection.

Salon Mazda Xedos 9 surrounds the atmosphere of comfort and luxury: thoughtful design lines, the perfect layout of instruments and controls, excellent insulation. All the details of the interior and details of the configuration once again underline the status of the car.

The impressive volume of the interior is trimmed mostly with light materials and therefore it seems even more. On the rear seats plenty of space. The design of the instrument panel can not be confused with the design of any other "Japanese". You can even talk about the origin of the style "a la Mazda".

Ergonomics in this model at altitude. The concept of "lack of interior space" to the Mazda Xedox 9 is not applicable at all: the car is surprisingly spacious, as befits sedans of this class.

The lack of adjustment of the steering column height is to a certain extent offset by the possibility of vertical movement of the driver's seat.

The climate control system is characterized by large buttons, coherent symbols and a large liquid crystal display displaying all the necessary information. To the left of the devices there is one small screen, where, after the ignition is switched on, the key image and the Security inscription literally momentarily light up. This is nothing like the security system of the car, reading the code of the magnetic immobilizer, "wired" in the key.

The luggage compartment is small. Part of the volume was “eaten” by a full-size spare tire, a complex suspension scheme and rear-wheel steering.

Mazda Xedos 9 - a solid middle class sedan at an affordable price. The car remained on the conveyor until 2002.

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